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Facelift with gold thread – Together with women, we can regain youthfulness

Facelift with gold thread helps women have smooth, bright skin and reduce wrinkles. Contact Dr. Long immediately for support and information advice.
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Every woman wants to have a youthful appearance, smooth, shiny facial skin. However, after turning 30, wrinkles may appear on your face, making you lose your youthfulness. Many people choose this methodface tightening with gold threadto have the most perfect appearance. Come to Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM to receive attentive service and help you become more beautiful.

What is special about the gold thread facelift method?

Wrinkles begin to appear on women’s faces as they get older. Some cosmetics on the market are advertised to help prevent aging and reduce wrinkles, but the effectiveness is not really as expected. Meanwhile,face lift with gold thread is a “lifesaver” solution that is highly appreciated by many people.

Face lift with gold thread is known as a skin rejuvenation method that is not affected by surgery or surgery but brings outstanding results. Accordingly, doctors will use gold thread to insert into the tissue underneath the skin, helping the muscle layers connect together, stretching the sagging skin. Thereby, the skin will become firmer, regenerate collagen layers, bringing smoothness and softness.

Why should you choose this method?

Currently, there are many cosmetic facilities providing facelift services with gold thread because this method brings many outstanding advantages. However, many people still do not know the benefits that this method brings.

Compare facelift methods using gold thread and regular thread

Currently, the method of face tightening with thread that most people choose is skin tightening with regular thread or using gold thread. Each method will have its own outstanding advantagesface lift with gold thread brings much more benefits.

When using thread to tighten the face, the skin can only become smoother in aging areas. However, with gold thread, after skin tightening, the method supports skin lightening and stimulates collagen production. Besides, wound recovery time with gold thread will be faster than with regular thread. The cost of skin tightening with gold thread will be higher than skin tightening with regular thread, so consider carefully before deciding.

The benefits of facelift with gold thread

Maybe you don’t know that facelift with gold thread brings many outstanding advantages over conventional skin tightening methods. More and more customers are choosing this method for beauty, helping their faces become more radiant. Here are some benefits when face lift with gold thread:

  • The method works to restore the skin from deep within.
  • Effective after implementing the method is long-lasting, safe for all subjects when performed by reputable cosmetic facilities.
  • The method is non-invasive, does not interfere too deeply and does not take much time to recover.
  • Facelift with gold thread helps promote collagen, rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve sagging skin areas.
  • Skin tightening with gold thread will have a deep impact on the skin and even the eyebrow area.

Who needs to use gold thread to tighten their face?

Currently, although it brings outstanding results, not everyone should use the methodface lift with gold thread. The right person and the right reputable surgery facility will bring greater efficiency. Accordingly, the following subjects should use gold thread to tighten their face:

  • People over 25 years old need a face lift.
  • People with loose skin, aging skin, sagging skin and many wrinkles.
  • People with sagging cheekbones and jawline.
  • People with damaged skin have used many rejuvenation methods and surgical methods on the skin but have not been effective.
  • People with crow’s feet, lifeless skin, age spots and wrinkles appear on the chin, forehead, cheeks and eyes.

Learn about the process of facelift using gold thread

To tighten skin with gold thread on the face, you need to go through many different steps. Each step the doctor will perform on a professional machine system to impact the facial skin, helping the skin become smooth and full of vitality. Here are the skin tightening steps you can refer to:

Consulting and examination

Before choosing a facelift location, carefully research information about cosmetic services and facilities. When you come for an in-person examination, the doctor will examine and evaluate your skin condition, then advise on the most suitable treatment method. Each skin will have a different skin tightening and recovery process.

After a preliminary examination, the doctor will conduct tests to determine your health condition. Thereby, the doctor will inform you of the cost as well as the steps to tighten the skin. After the test, the customer removes makeup and changes into specialized clothing to begin the skin tightening process.

Detailed process

After evaluating the skin condition, the doctor will measure and draw the aging location with a technical pen before performing the procedure. You will then be anesthetized and sterilized before the procedure beginsface lift with gold thread. A small line at the hairline is determined for the doctor to insert the gold thread inside through a specialized machine. Stretch only the entire layer of muscle underneath the skin to remove wrinkles, crow’s feet and loose skin areas.

Skin care after surgery

After surgery, the care of the incision at the hairline will also determine the recovery time of the skin. Your doctor will instruct you on what to avoid and do after a skin tightening so you can care for yourself at home. At this step, be very careful and pay attention to see if your body shows any unusual signs.

Patients should be careful not to take medication without a doctor’s prescription. If an unexpected situation occurs, your skin will not only be unable to remove wrinkles but will also cause dangerous complications. Besides, drink enough water, build a healthy diet, and get proper rest.

PKCK PTTM Dr. Long – Prestigious facelift address

Dr. Long is a reputable cosmetic facility with many years of experience in providing beauty solutions for women. When you needface lift with gold thread, please contact us for doctor’s advice, support and information about service prices. Below are some benefits of using skin tightening services.

Modern equipment system, good doctors

Doctor Long has highly qualified and knowledgeable doctors who regularly participate in training courses. In addition, Dr. Long’s cosmetic facility is equipped with the most modern and advanced machines. The surgical procedure is quick, safe, and leaves no complications.

Dedicated consulting

Not only the doctors, Dr. Long’s medical staff is also very dedicated, thoughtful and professional. Whenever you have questions about beauty services, the staff will immediately support you, help you advise and find the most appropriate solution. Customers can also contact themselves to arrange their inspection schedule and use the service as they wish.

Good cost

The cost for thread facelift services at Dr. Long is always affordable and reasonable. We commit not to increase prices or quote “virtual” prices to customers. Even the price Dr. Long proposed is much lower than other cosmetic facilities, but safety and reputation are still guaranteed.

There is a warranty for customers

Facelift service with gold thread or any other beauty service at Dr. Long’s clinic will be guaranteed in terms of quality and warranty. Depending on each service, the warranty policy will also be different. Medical staff will provide clear warranty information to you when experiencing the service.

Notes after skin tightening

Jobface lift with gold thread Helps you look more beautiful and confident in communication and daily activities. However, to help your skin stretch and maintain it longer, please pay attention to the following issues immediately:

  • Do not apply strong force directly to the face or forehead to avoid damage and reduce the ability to recover.
  • Be gentle when washing your face and body to avoid damaging your skin.
  • Do not exercise your jaw or mouth muscles too much.
  • During the first week after a facelift with gold thread, limit shampooing and do not use a hair dryer.
  • You should not wear makeup immediately after surgery, wait at least half a month for your skin to become healthier.
  • Develop a moderate diet and lifestyle, and have follow-up examinations as prescribed by your doctor.

Face lift with gold threadis a useful beauty method, helping women have youthful looks and preventing wrinkles from appearing more. However, before doing so, choose a reputable cosmetic facility to both ensure safety and avoid future complications. Contact Doctor Long Plastic Surgery Center immediately via the website https://bacsilong.com/ Staff will help you provide all the information you need.



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