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Correct damaged nose – Create a perfect nose shape, attract fortune

Correcting a damaged nose is a "save" method for women with imperfect nose shapes. Contact PKCK PTTM Dr. Long for examination and advice on nose correction.
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Correct damaged noseis a “save” method for women with imperfect nose shapes after plastic surgery. Thanks to professional correction techniques, the nose shape will be slimmer, more balanced and harmonious. If you are in needcorrect damaged nose Then you should not miss the article below.

What is damaged nose correction?

Rhinoplasty method is chosen by many women to have a tall, slim nose shape. However, due to many factors affecting the surgery process, the nose shape is not as perfect as desired. The bridge of the nose can be deformed, leading to a misaligned, bumpy or too high nose. In some cases, the nose is deformed due to strong external impacts such as strong impacts and traffic accidents.

To have a perfect nose shape, women should go to reputable cosmetic surgery locations. After the examination, the doctor will make a planCorrect damaged nose. With flexible procedures, nose problems will be overcome. Thanks to this, women will regain their naturally beautiful nose shape.

Chỉnh sửa mũi hư để tạo dáng thon gọn và cân đối

What causes damaged nose surgery?

A damaged nose is not only aesthetically pleasing but also affects your fortune. In addition to traffic accidents, poor quality cosmetic surgery is also the reason for damaged noses. Detail:

  • Doctor’s qualifications: Rhinoplasty surgery is not too complicated but requires a doctor with professional qualifications and good skills. At that time, the doctor will handle the surgery well and limit the risk rate to the lowest level.
  • Surgical environment and tools: The environment in which rhinoplasty surgery is performed must be sterile. Instruments used for surgery must be clean and disinfected to ensure they do not cause infection to the nose.
  • Postoperative: Postoperative regimen is very important and affects the quality of rhinoplasty. If you do not follow the rest and diet regimen, it can cause the wound in your nose to become infected and the shape of your nose to be damaged.
  • Allergy to rhinoplasty materials: Before rhinoplasty, the doctor needs to check the patient’s health and analyze some additional factors to choose materials. If an inappropriate type of rhinoplasty cartilage is used, it will cause the nose to become swollen, infected, and at risk of necrosis.
  • Choosing the wrong rhinoplasty method: Depending on each case, the appropriate rhinoplasty method will be used. If you do rhinoplasty with the wrong method, it will both be damaged and cost money.

Mũi bị hư do phẫu thuật nâng mũi kém chất lượng

Why is it necessary to correct a damaged nose?

If your nose is unfortunately damaged due to some of the reasons mentioned above, you need to correct it immediately. Deciding to correct your nose shape will bring you the following benefits:

  • A perfect nose shape makes the face more harmonious and delicate. Meanwhile, you still retain the natural beauty of Asian standards.
  • A slim, balanced nose helps you be more confident in communication. Now you can freely express yourself in front of the crowd. At the same time, seize good opportunities in career and love.
  • The change in nose shape on the face is related to physiognomy. When you have a beautiful nose shape, you can receive a lot of luck and fortune.
  • Thanks to the methodCorrect damaged noseappropriately, you can maintain a stable nose shape for a long time. If you evaluate the effectiveness achieved, the cost is completely worth it.


Chỉnh mũi hư để sở hữu gương mặt hài hòa và đón nhiều tài lộc

Where should I professionally correct a damaged nose?

Currently, serviceCorrect damaged nose Provided by most cosmetic facilities nationwide. Although this technique is simple, it still has many potential dangers. If sistersCorrection of damaged nose surgery At poor quality facilities, it is easy to “lose money”. Doctor Long is a reputable address for you to place your trust in.

The team of doctors has many years of experience

Coming to Doctor Long Plastic Surgery Clinic, customers will receive benefitscorrect damaged nose by experts with many years of experience. Head of the clinic is doctor Vuong Khanh Long – who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. To date, doctors have successfully performed more than 10,000 plastic surgery cases.

According to the survey, most customers who have had beauty treatments at the clinic feel satisfied. Rhinoplasty and nose correction cases all achieve good quality after surgery. Customers quickly recover and have a naturally beautiful nose shape after surgery. At the same time, the nose leaves no sequelae and is absolutely safe for health.

Chỉnh sửa mũi hư tại PKCK PTTM Bác sĩ Long

Careful health examination for customers

Dr. Long’s motto is to always value the safety of customers. Therefore, before nose correction, we will conduct a thorough health examination. Customers are given a general health check to evaluate whether they are eligible for nose surgery or not. If you have a history of heart disease, blood pressure, blood… you need to tell your doctor honestly.

For patients who do not meet medical conditions, we will give the best advice. You need specialized medical facilities for examination or health care at home until you are stable. Thanks to its professional working process, the clinic has not had any dangerous surgeries since its establishment until now.

Phẫu thuật chỉnh mũi hư sau khi kiểm tra sức khỏe của khách hàng

Always focus on the quality of nose correction

The purpose of the damaged nose correction method is to correct defects on the nose. The mentality of most customers when using this service is that they desire to have a more beautiful nose shape. The nose is not only instantly beautiful but also needs to have a long life.

Understanding that, Dr. Long always focuses on the quality of nose correction. We are constantly learning to apply the most optimal nose correction method. At the same time, carefully prepare the necessary elements in the orthodontic surgery to ensure customer safety.

Procedure for correcting damaged nose at Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTT

ProgressCorrection of damaged nose surgery At Dr. Long’s PTTT surgery, the procedure is carried out according to the correct standard procedure. All of our beauty steps comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Step 1: Welcoming customers

Any customer who comes to Dr. Long’s Plastic Surgery Center will be warmly welcomed. After receiving the customer’s request at the front desk, the staff will write down instructions and forward the notice to the doctor. First, the doctor will check the condition of the nose through external manifestations. From there, determine the cause of the damaged nose.

Step 2: Health check

Depending on each customer’s condition, the doctor will prescribe a health check. Accordingly, customers need to measure blood pressure, heart rate and perform some basic tests. Some cases require in-depth testing if necessary. Based on these results, the doctor makes a general conclusion about the customer’s health.

Step 3: Advice on nose correction methods

Based on the cause of the damaged nose and the customer’s health, the doctor will research the appropriate method to correct the damaged nose. Each method has its own outstanding advantages. Surgical costs for each method also vary. Therefore, the doctor will consider and advise customers on the most appropriate method.

Step 4: Correct damaged nose

The nose correction process will be performed according to the determined method. When starting surgery, the doctor will anesthetize the area of ​​the nose. At this time, customers will feel comfortable and reduce pain when correcting their nose. Normally, each surgery will be conducted in about 60 minutes.

Step 5: Complete the nose correction process

The final step of the nose correction process is suturing the open wound. For patients with stable health condition, they need to come back to the clinic for a check-up after about 7-10 days. If the wound has basically healed, the doctor will remove the stitches so the patient can take care of himself at home. On the contrary, if unfortunately you experience unusual symptoms, you need to go to the clinic immediately.

What should customers pay attention to after correcting a damaged nose?

Post-operative health care plays a decisive role in the quality of rhinoplasty. Therefore, once you have invested money in nose correction, you absolutely need to follow your doctor’s instructions. After surgery you need to note the following:

  • Take medication as prescribed by your doctor to ensure the correct time and dosage. You absolutely must not add or remove medication arbitrarily because it can affect the recovery time of your nose.
  • Remember your doctor’s appointment schedule for follow-up visits on time.
  • Clean your nose properly according to your doctor’s instructions. You should not arbitrarily touch the incision or wash it directly with water because it can easily cause the wound to become infected.
  • Take plenty of time to rest, avoid strenuous exercise or participating in sports activities until your nose completely recovers.
  • Avoid certain foods that can make the incision bulge or darken such as: Chicken, eggs, seafood, water spinach, and sticky rice.
  • Supplement foods to help surgical wounds recover quickly and improve health such as: Green vegetables, fruits, lean pork…


Hopefully, through the above article, you have grasped some of the causes of damaged nose. Whatever the cause, you need itCorrect damaged nose right at a reputable facility to regain a beautiful nose bridge and receive lots of fortune. Please contact Doctor Long immediately at the Hotline number:0908.493.008. Or go directly to 518 Le Hong Phong, Ward 1, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City for examination and advice on nose correction.

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