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[Details] Bicep liposuction consultation from leading industry experts

You want to get rid of excess fat in your biceps but don't know what to do? Then let's immediately see the bicep liposuction consulting information of the highly trusted cosmetic clinic.
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Having oversized biceps will make your body look rough in the eyes of onlookers. So why don’t you get rid of the obnoxious excess fat here to make your body look much slimmer? Below is the information Bicep liposuction consultation shared by leading experts in the industry to help you better understand this beauty method.

What is bicep liposuction?

According to specialist doctorsBicep liposuction consultationAt the cosmetic clinic, Dr. Long said that this is actually a fairly modern method of removing excess fat in the biceps area. Because at this time, cosmetic experts will apply complex liposuction techniques with the support of advanced machinery and equipment. Thanks to that, excess fat is sucked out in a safe and quick way but without causing too much pain.

Currently, this cosmetic method is being widely applied worldwide. It has been attracting millions of users across countries with leading aesthetic development.

Available bicep liposuction technologies

With the desire to maximize effectiveness for users, many advanced cosmetic technologies have been researched and launched based on traditional liposuction methods. Which includes:

Tumescent liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is also known by another name as tissue pump liposuction. For this technology, doctors will inject a special drug to freeze fat tissue and reduce pain for the user during minor surgery. Then, this excess fat will be taken out through a small suction tube attached to a specialized vacuum machine.

But you need to know that Tumescent liposuction is only suitable for people who are less overweight or obese and have good elastic skin. Because only then can the biceps skin after liposuction regain its smooth, beautiful beauty.

Power assisted liposuction

Power-assisted liposuction or vibration liposuction is the process of removing excess fatty tissue in the biceps area using a Cannula vibration device with an operating speed of 2,000 to 4,000cpm. This shaking process will cause the fatty tissue inside the body to liquefy so it can be easily sucked out with a specialized suction head.

Thanks to that, the liposuction process is performed easily, quickly and limits the feeling of pain for the user. Your biceps area will not be swollen and permanently red like when performing conventional liposuction methods.

Liposuction using Laser technology

Another ideal choice that you should not ignore isBicep liposuction surgery using Laser technology. It is considered one of the least invasive beauty methods when applying laser rays to liquefy excess fat to remove it.

In addition, Laser rays also have great effects in stimulating the process of collagen proliferation so that the skin has the ideal smooth and firm beauty. Thereby, minimizing sagging and wrinkled skin after the excess fat in the biceps is completely removed.

But you need to note that overusing high-intensity laser beams during liposuction can cause multi-level skin burns. Therefore, it is best that you only perform this liposuction method at cosmetic hospitals with high levels of expertise in the industry.

Liposuction using Vaser technology

After all, we cannot ignore the advanced Vaser liposuction technology on the market today. Accordingly, cosmetic doctors will apply ultrasound energy in the liposuction process to break down and release fat from surrounding muscle tissue.

Finally, a specialized suction head will be inserted into the upper arm to remove the liquefied fat without causing too much pain to the user. The area that has just been operated on is also quickly restored, shaped and has the slim beauty as expected.

However, you may face a high risk of keloid scarring if the doctor’s skills are poor. This is the reason why you should carefully learn about the qualifications of the cosmetic specialist before deciding on Vaser liposuction for yourself.

Review of bicep liposuction according to standard medical procedures

To bring the highest aesthetic effect, the biceps liposuction process will be performed methodically with many of the following steps:

Liposuction examination and consultation

Customers with cosmetic needs will be examined by doctorsBicep liposuction consultation by the most effective method. During this process, if you have any questions, you can talk to leading experts in the industry for dedicated answers.

General health check

Here, you will be taken for a thorough health examination to determine whether you are eligible for bicep liposuction or not. For example, you will have your heart rate, blood pressure, blood tests and biological tissue tests carefully measured,…

Measure and determine the location of fat tissue that needs to be removed

Based on the initial examination and diagnosis, doctors will determine the amount of excess fat that needs to be removed along with the location to insert the suction head. Then, the cosmetic specialist will use a pen to mark these locations to conveniently make skin incisions before liposuction for the user.

Inject anesthetic into the minor surgery site

In order for the minor surgery to proceed smoothly without the user feeling pain, anesthesia will be injected into the biceps. In addition, physiological saline and some other hemostatic drugs are also injected to minimize the risk of massive bleeding at this time.

Liposuction for biceps

When the anesthetic takes effect, the doctors will use a surgical knife to make a small incision on the bicep to insert the suction nozzle. Very quickly, excess fat will be liquefied and sucked out in a very gentle way.

Proceed to suture the wound

At the end of the liquefied liposuction process, the wound will be skillfully sutured. Usually, doctors will use absorbable medical thread to ensure the highest aesthetics for their patients.

Post-operative care and follow-up appointments

Patients after bicep liposuction will be taken to health care in the post-operative room. Wait until your condition is completely stable, you will be allowed to go home and make an appointment for a follow-up examination as prescribed by a leading expert.

Is bicep liposuction painful?

Looking at the bicep liposuction process, we can see that the patient will be injected with anesthesia before performing minor surgery. Therefore, you will not feel pain when the doctor performs liposuction on you.

But when the anesthetic wears off, the surgical area may be a little swollen and painful. However, the above feeling will quickly disappear so you don’t need to worry too much.

Is bicep liposuction dangerous?

According to doctorsBicep liposuction consultation Whether this minor surgery is dangerous or not depends on the level of invasiveness that the patient faces.

If you have liposuction performed by skilled specialists, your body will be less invasive and will recover quickly. In the opposite case, you will suffer lasting damage that will greatly affect your health and life.

Should I have bicep liposuction?

Faced with the real risks of the above cosmetic methods, many people do not know themselvesShould I have bicep liposuction? And is this the ideal choice for you?

Regarding this issue, specialists say that modern methods of removing excess fat have been recognized as highly effective by the US FDA and the European CE organization.But Liposuction using advanced technology is only truly safe when performed at a reputable place.

Therefore, you should only have minor surgery performed at cosmetic facilities that meet Ministry of Health standards to minimize complications for yourself.

How much does bicep liposuction cost?

Currently, the cost of bicep liposuction ranges from 40 million VND to 60 million VND/case or more depending on the size of the body area that needs minor surgery. It is best to contact a reliable cosmetic facility for examination and detailed cost informationHow much does bicep liposuction cost? money.

Dr. Long advises on safe and professional bicep liposuction

Do you want professional cosmetic advice but don’t know where to go? You want to have safe bicep liposuction but don’t know where to contact? So call Dr. Long immediately.

We will give you sincere advice and support you in performing safe minor surgery at a hospital that meets modern medical standards. The place has a team of experienced cosmetic doctors with sterile rooms and advanced imported equipment.


Above, experienced experts at Dr. Long cosmetic clinic haveBicep liposuction consultation carefully for all customers to refer to. This is truly an effective and quick beauty method so you can consider using it for yourself. Dr. Long Cosmetic Institute is pleased to serve customers across provinces and cities.


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