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See now where is the safest place to get advice on buttock fat grafting?

Buttock fat grafting is a quite complicated cosmetic method. So you need to contact Dr. Long for professional buttock fat grafting advice before proceeding
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Possessing a soft, plump and attractive buttock is what many women dream of. Understanding that, the autologous buttock fat grafting method was born to make everyone’s dreams come true. So more specifically, what is this cosmetic method? What is its implementation process and what are its outstanding advantages and disadvantages? The informationbuttock fat grafting consultation by Dr. Long below will help you answer all the questions in your heart.

What is buttock fat grafting?

Buttock fat grafting is also known by many different names such as autologous buttock fat grafting or buttock augmentation with autologous fat. According to expertsbuttock fat grafting consultationsaid that this is a method of restoring the third ring without surgery. Instead, doctors will perform autologous liposuction on excess areas such as the thighs, biceps or waist to inject into the buttock area that needs filling.

However, the autologous fat used for transplantation must undergo a thorough extraction process using a centrifugal filter. Because only pure fat cells that can grow quickly can be used in the human body.

Usually, buttock augmentation fat grafting surgery only lasts 2 to 4 hours. Immediately after that, you will notice a big difference in your butt along with its full, soft, and attractive beauty.

Buttock fat grafting procedure meets medical standards

Buttock augmentation fat grafting surgery is a cosmetic method with quite complicated operations. Accordingly, the fat grafting process is performed in the following steps:

  • Step 1: Patients who contact the cosmetic clinic will have their buttocks examined by leading experts and advised on effective restoration methods. After that, you will be taken for a health check to ensure your best health before entering this surgery.
  • Step 2: The doctor will mark the locations that need to be suctioned and injected with fat on the patient’s body in a standing position. Next, images will be taken and saved to make accurate surgical data.
  • Step 3: Doctors will perform anesthesia or local anesthesia depending on each case. The main purpose is to help the person performing the surgery not feel pain during the procedure.
  • Step 4: At this point, the patient will have the area needing surgery cleaned thoroughly to avoid infection. After that, doctors will perform injections to freeze the fat or liquefy the excess fat before suctioning it out and extracting it using modern machinery.
  • Step 5: The cosmetic specialist will use endoscopic equipment combined with specialized tools to implant fat into the user’s buttocks. At the end of the minor surgical procedure, the patient is taken to the health monitoring room so that any problems that arise can be quickly handled.

Advantages and disadvantages of buttock fat grafting

According to research conducted on thousands of casesButtock fat grafting shows that advanced cosmetic methods possess many outstanding advantages but also have a few small disadvantages that you need to know. Details are as follows:


  • Fat grafting for buttock augmentation results in a full, beautiful, soft, natural buttocks, not as hard as when you get buttock implants made of artificial materials.
  • Simultaneously slims the waist and other areas with excess fat to bring a perfect body shape to most users.
  • Transplanted fat cells have the ability to adapt well to the body, so there is no material rejection or serious irritation.
  • They continue to proliferate and develop strongly in the third round, helping the aesthetic effect to be maintained for a long time.
  • Non-invasive, non-surgical surgical methods help limit extensive damage.
  • Thanks to that, the risk of complications rarely appears and you do not need to have a headache dealing with long scars.


  • The person performing the surgery needs to have enough excess fat to transplant into the buttocks as desired.
  • You may feel prolonged pain and swelling in your buttocks after the anesthetic wears off your body.
  • If fat grafting is performed at a less reputable place by poorly qualified doctors, you will face higher complications than usual.

How long does buttock fat grafting surgery last?

Reality shows effectivenessbuttock fat grafting How long it lasts depends on many different factors. For example, the procedure, the doctor’s skills and the patient’s care after butt lift surgery.

If the surgery is performed in a medical-standard environment and you know how to take good care of your buttocks, the beauty effect can last for decades. In the opposite case, the cosmetic result will not be as desired and it may only last a few years at most.

Does buttock fat grafting consultation have any complications?

According to patients who have beenbuttock fat grafting consultation said that before performing this minor surgery, doctors will carefully share dangerous complications that may arise for immediate prevention. Such as:

  • Causing a fluid collection in the buttocks, causing the surgical area to continuously leak fluid and unable to heal even after several months of buttock augmentation.
  • Infection of the surgical wound leads to serious suppuration. If not treated promptly, the infection will spread to other areas and lead to severe necrosis.
  • Buttock augmentation fat may be eliminated from the body if the patient has a hypersensitive condition. In this case, the aesthetic effect will be more or less affected, causing the round 3 not to have the perfect beauty as expected.
  • In addition, you may also face calcification in the buttocks area, causing a tight fibrous capsule to appear in this area.
  • If the injection of the device into the body is not done skillfully, it will leave large and long scars.

Measures to minimize complications during buttock fat grafting

Most complicationsButtock fat grafting only appears when you have minor surgery performed at cosmetic clinics with poor professional qualifications. The place cannot ensure a sterile surgical environment and cannot provide modern tools, equipment and a team of highly qualified experts in the industry.

So the best way for you to prevent complications from occurring is to learn carefully about places that provide buttock augmentation fat grafting services on the market. Based on this, you can conduct screening and choose a place with good cosmetic skills and top experience in fat grafting.

Absolutely do not choose cheap locations because of the cheap price because these are often “underground” cosmetic establishments without a legal operating license. If you have minor surgery here, your health and personality will be seriously affected.

Dr. Long advises professionally on buttock fat grafting, ensuring good safety

You want buttock augmentation fat grafting surgery but don’t know where to go? Do you feel too confused by the countless places providing cosmetic services on the market? Don’t worry, contact Dr. Long cosmetic clinic right now.

We are the service providerbuttock fat grafting consultation Professional, honest towards the benefits of many customers. Therefore, coming to Dr. Long, you will get:

  • Information on detailed and accurate cosmetic methods for the best consideration.
  • Navigate where to use high-quality services at more favorable prices than the general market price.
  • Health care support after butt lift surgery helps shorten the body’s recovery process.
  • Accompany before, during and after using the service to quickly resolve any questions you have in mind.

In addition, you can also enjoy many different service benefits when contacting Dr. Long today. So don’t miss the “golden aesthetic” opportunity!

How much does buttock fat grafting cost?

At reputable hospitals today, the cost of fat grafting for buttock augmentation is listed at different high and low prices. This is also completely understandable as the given number depends on many factors such as:

  • Aesthetic method is selected.
  • The size of the butt needs to be filled.
  • Number of times minor surgery is performed.
  • Qualifications of cosmetic hospitals and leading doctors.
  • The service policy of the buttock augmentation surgery location includes many accompanying regulations.

But in general, price quotes for buttock augmentation services at reliable addresses currently range from 40 million VND to 70 million VND/case/person. In many other special cases, the cost of minor surgery can be up to 100 million VND/case/person.

Therefore, Dr. Long recommends that you go directly to the cosmetic facility to be examined and given a detailed quote by leading experts in the industry. Only then will you know the exact number you need to prepare to complete this minor surgery.


Above, you have visited Dr. Long cosmetic clinicButtock augmentation fat grafting consultation from A to Z for a comprehensive round 3 restoration. If you have any questions or want to receive more professional medical support for yourself, please contact Dr. Long’s hotline right now. We will bring you a wonderful experience with extremely high quality cosmetic consulting services.

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