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Fat grafting to treat hollows: The golden secret to regain youthful beauty

Fat grafting is a modern cosmetic procedure that helps fill in indentations on the face. Soon, Dr. Long will provide detailed information about this beauty treatment.
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The appearance of dents on your face will make you look older than your age. So how do you completely overcome this defect for yourself? Don’t worry,  the fat grafting  method is widely available at Dr. Long Beauty Institute will help you regain the most youthful beauty. Soon, we will take you to learn more details about this modern way of beauty.

What is fat grafting for recesses?

Ghép mỡ chữa hõm là phương pháp cấy ghép mỡ tự thân vào các vết lõm trên gương mặt của người dùng
Recessed fat grafting is a method of transplanting autologous fat into the indentations on the user’s face

Recessed fat transplantation or recessed fat transplantation is a method of implanting autologous fat into indented locations on the face such as eye sockets, eyelids, temples, corners of the mouth and even the smile groove,… Often cosmetologists will use autologous fat taken from the biceps, calves and thigh area to implant in the place where the filling is needed.

But before the transplant operation, the autologous fat will be separated by a modern centrifugal purifier. The main goal is to distill out the purest cells to transplant into the body of the person performing this minor surgery.

Because according to specialists, that separation process will help autologous fat survive in its pure form. It will bring 10 times higher cosmetic effect than normal compared to the Filler injection method and help shorten the treatment time for dents on the user’s face.

Minor fat transplant surgeries usually only last about 30 minutes, not too long. Soon, you can get back to your work and daily activities.

Subjects who are prescribed fat grafting for recesses

Ghép mỡ chữa hõm được chỉ định sử dụng cho những người có nhiều vết hõm do lão hóa
Fat grafting is indicated for use in people with many depressions due to aging

Fat grafting surgery to cure recesses is likened to a modern beauty way that brings high efficiency to users. However, not everyone can perform this minor surgery to improve their beauty.

In other words, the above trending beauty methods should only be used for:

  • People have many dents on their face due to the aging process, causing their beauty to deteriorate seriously.
  • People with atrophied fat pockets in sensitive areas such as eye sockets make the face become sad, tired and extremely lifeless.
  • He had multiple indentation surgeries but did not get the results he wanted.

Subjects contraindicated fat grafting for recesses

Người có sức khỏe kém không nên ghép mỡ để chữa hõm cho mình
People in poor health should not transplant fat to cure their recesses

To ensure high safety, the following subjects should not perform minor fat transplant surgery:

  • Those under the age of 18 should not have autologous fat transplants to cure depression because the body needs more time to fully mature.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are also excluded from contraindications because it can greatly affect the process of raising children in the future.
  • Women who are menstruating cause the body to experience blood loss, loss of strength and severe iron deficiency.
  • People who are in poor health or are suffering from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, blood pressure, anemia.
  • People with a history of mental illness who want to perform this minor surgery need to have a written appointment from their treating doctor.

The outstanding advantages of the fat grafting method to cure recesses

Compared to Filler injections or other beauty methods, fat grafting  shows more outstanding advantages such as:

Ensure high safety

Ca tiểu phẫu không xâm lấn đảm bảo độ an toàn cao cho người dùng
Non-invasive minor surgery ensures high safety for users

As we also know, the type of fat used to implant into the indentation is the autologous fat of the person who performed the minor surgery. So it will not lead to a rejection reaction or any irritation to the user’s body.

Moreover, you also need to know that the autologous fat grafting process is only a small minor surgery, so it does not cause much damage and invasiveness. It rarely brings dangerous complications, so it must be said that it is extremely safe.

For prolonged beauty effects

If the Filler injection method to fill the indentation only lasts for a few months, the autologous fat grafting method helps you own beauty indefinitely. The reason is because the autologous fat transplanted into the indentations will continue to be nourished by the body to grow strongly. They even stimulate collagen proliferation to help you own full, firm and radiant skin.

Hiệu quả thẩm mỹ của phương pháp ghép mỡ chữa hõm kéo dài vô hạn
The aesthetic effect of fat grafting for recesses lasts indefinitely

Quick recovery, no resort required

After this minor surgery, you can quickly leave without spending extra time relaxing. In addition, the time it takes for indentations to be shaped after fat implantation is also shorter than normal.

No pain, discomfort

Before the surgery, you will be given an anesthetic injection so that you do not feel pain. After the anesthesia wears off, you continue to be given some effective swelling painkillers by specialists. Therefore, before, during and after this minor surgery you will not feel any discomfort at all.

Trong suốt quá trình tiểu phẫu, bạn sẽ không bị đau đớn hay khó chịu chút nào
During minor surgery, you will not experience any pain or discomfort at all

Special fat grafting procedure for indentations

According to specialists, the procedure  of curing recesses by fat grafting involves many different steps. Details are as follows:

  • Step 1: Doctors conduct an indentation examination to assess the patient’s condition. Based on this, leading experts will make accurate conclusions and advise on the most effective and safe fat transplant plan.
  • Step 2: The patient undergoes a general physical examination such as blood pressure, heart rate and other biological indicators to ensure that the body is normal. In addition, you can also perform necessary tests such as blood tests, biological cells to limit the risks to the lowest level when performing surgery.
  • Step 3: The doctor anesthetizes the area to take fat and inject to treat the indentation. This is followed by disinfecting these areas to avoid prolonged infection.
  • Step 4: Autologous fat will be drawn by specialized machines and tools and then centrifugally separated. After the opening itself is processed, it is injected into the areas that need to be healed on the user’s face.
  • Step 5: The patient is monitored for health and attentive medical care. When your condition is more stable, you will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment and let go.
Các bác sĩ đang dùng mỡ tự thân để tiêm vào vị trí cần chữa hõm trên gương mặt
Doctors are using autologous fat to inject into the site that needs to be treated on the face

What to know when performing a fat grafting procedure to treat indentations

As we also see, the open grafting process  involves a lot of technical steps involved. Each such operation needs to be effectively supported by modern machines and equipment and a team of highly qualified experts in the industry.

Therefore, less reputable beauty establishments often do not have the ability to meet the conditions of professional qualifications and facilities. As a result, the effect of fat grafting for recesses that these facilities bring is often not as expected.

The most common is the condition that the indentation is filled unevenly, leading to the phenomenon of protrusion and depression. Or autologous fat is quickly eliminated after being implanted into the indentations on the user’s face.

In many other severe cases, the minor surgery area also presents with painful swelling and prolonged infection. If not treated in time, it will easily lead to the risk of necrosis for users.

Therefore, you should only perform this minor surgery at reputable beauty institutes. The place fully meets the current medical standards and is licensed to operate widely by the competent authorities.

Dr. Long treats fat grafting effectively to cure depressions

Ca tiểu phẫu không xâm lấn đảm bảo độ an toàn cao cho người dùng
Dr. Long provides highly effective fat grafting services with a methodical and professional process

Are you looking for a fat grafting site with a professional service process? But you don’t know where to guarantee superior quality for yourself? So try to contact Dr. Long Beauty Institute to experience the fat grafting service that is trusted by thousands of people.

We currently have a spacious room system, modern machines and equipment ready to serve users. Along with that is a team of highly qualified specialists who have been trained and trained at many famous aesthetic academies around the globe.

Therefore, our aestheticians always master the modern autologous fat implant process and regularly update new beauty trends to best serve users. Accordingly, leading experts will help you regain your fresh, natural beauty for yourself.

How to take care of your health after fat grafting procedure for recesses

If you want the dents to be quickly shaped without any complications, you need to take care of your health properly as follows:

  • Clean the liposuction area itself and also the place where the fat graft is filled. More specifically, you should clean this area with physiological saline 2 to 3 times a day to avoid infection.
  • In the first few days of minor surgery, the body will be swollen and painful, so you need to use painkillers as prescribed by the treating doctor.
  • Only gentle movement should be exercised so that the autologous fat implanted into the depression is quickly shaped.
  • Every time you go to the street, you need to apply measures to cover the minor surgery area so that it is not damaged by harmful agents from outside.
  • Adopt proper nutrition by fortifying fresh fruits and vegetables and staying away from foods that cause festering, swelling, pain and infection.
  • You should only make up the fat implant site after 2 to 4 weeks of this minor surgery.


Be sure that you have grasped important information related to  the highly trusted fat grafting  method. If you want to regain your youthful beauty full of vitality, then contact Dr. Long for painless, safe minor surgery. We always welcome customers from all over the province.

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