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Lip embroidery: Everything you need to know before proceeding

Lip embroidery is a very popular modern cosmetic method. Below are detailed information about this beauty method that you should see before proceeding.
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Lip embroidery Aesthetics has become a popular beauty trend favored by many people. Especially with beautiful women. So what is it anyway? How many lip tattooing methods are currently widely used by users and where is the most professional cosmetic service provider? Dr. Long cosmetic clinic will help you answer all of the above questions right now.

What is lip embroidery?

Lip embroidery is a technique of using colored ink to mark the leather based on a pre-shaped border. This process will change skin pigmentation in the lip area while reshaping unattractive areas so that users can own the sexiest lips for themselves.

More specifically, cosmetic doctors will use a specialized pen with many small needles inside to impact the epidermis layer of the skin. Then put colored ink into the lip cuticle to create color and shape as originally desired.

This is an improved cosmetic method based on the traditional lip tattoo method. It does not cause deep damage to the skin or cause the user too much pain. Thanks to that, your lip area will quickly recover and leave less long scars but still have an extremely gentle and delicate color.

For that reason, the above beauty method has been widely popular by many believers who love natural beauty. You can contact reputable beauty salons to beautify your lips.

Available lip embroidery techniques

To meet the diverse beauty needs of customers, many techniques are availableNaturally beautiful lip embroidery has been researched and released. Prominent among them are the following cosmetic methods:

3D lip embroidery

3D lip injection is a method of applying modern color techniques to create multi-colored effects for the user’s lip area. Thanks to that, the lips after spraying will have a much more natural, vivid beauty and depth.

But you need to know that the 3D lip injection method has quite complicated techniques. It requires cosmetologists to have high levels of expertise to minimize risks that may occur during the beautification process for users.

Embroidered lips with soot

Soot lip spraying is a cosmetic method that uses a microscopic needle tip of about 0.2mm to impact the lip epidermis. During that process, colored ink will be applied to the thick lip area to change skin pigmentation according to each person’s wishes.

In fact, lip spraying with soot can overcome the shortcomings of dull, dark lips when creating a natural lip color from light to dark. It makes your lips look like they just got a Korean Makeup with the center of the lips being darker than the lip color around the edges.

In addition, soot lip embroidery is also a way to help users get perfectly beautiful lip lines without having to go under the knife. So it is very popular with most customers.

Collagen lip embroidery

Just like the above methods, Collagen lip spray uses a microscopic needle tip to put the ink color inside the epidermis of the skin. However, the color ink used is high quality color ink containing Collagen essence that is friendly to the user’s body.

Together with Collagen ink color, doubleembroidered lips You will have a shiny, smooth beauty twice as much as normal. At the same time, the lip color also looks more natural, making people unaware that you just came back from embroidery.

In addition, the Collagen embroidery method also provides optimal lip protection. It helps prevent the lip area from discoloring or darkening when exposed to harmful external factors.

Lips sprayed with crystal embroidery

For the crystal embroidery method, cosmetic technicians will use a tiny Nano needle tip to impact the skin’s epidermis and apply tattoo ink. It gives the user’s lips a more natural and fresher look than usual.

At reputable beauty institutes, methodslip embroidery Crystal is widely used in 30 different tones. You can freely choose the color tone that suits your skin and personal preferences from many trendy tones offered on the market.

Advantages and disadvantages of the current lip embroidery method

Just like any other beauty treatment,lip embroidery Aesthetics also have their own advantages and disadvantages that you need to know. As follows:


  • Helps shape beautiful, plump lips with natural and extremely trendy colors.
  • Effectively corrects the condition of lips that are dull, dark, and have a fragile texture into lips that are fuller and sexier than humans.
  • The cosmetic effect lasts from 2 to 4 years depending on each method, helping users significantly reduce Make Up time.
  • The beauty method is minimally invasive so it is not painful and does not leave large scars on the user’s sensitive lip area.
  • You do not need to be hospitalized for monitoring but can return home to eat and live normally right after having your lips sprayed.


  • The lips will be painful and swollen after the anesthetic wears off.
  • You will face a high risk of allergies and infections if you have beauty treatments performed at less reputable beauty salons on the market.

Who should have their lips tattooed?

Along with high aesthetic effect, methodlip tattoo embroidery Considered the ideal choice for:

  • People with dark and dull lips due to physical condition, sun exposure, smoking and drinking too much alcohol.
  • People with less than perfect lips want to shape their naturally beautiful lips without surgery.
  • People who want to have plump and smooth lips without having to inject Filler or use other invasive methods on the market.

If you also fall into the above cases, then contact a reputable beauty salon for beauty lip spraying. Immediately after that, you will have plump lips with the color you want.

Professional lip embroidery process at a reputable beauty salon

To create plump lips with trendy colors, beauticians will apply a methodical embroidery process for users. Which includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: You will have your lip condition thoroughly checked by a tattoo technician to come up with the most effective beauty method.
  • Step 2: Lips will be cleaned and shaped with a specialized pencil. Then, you will be able to choose your desired lip color from the many tones provided.
  • Step 3: The tattoo technician numbs your lips for 15 or 20 minutes so you do not feel pain during the procedure.
  • Step 4: Use a tattoo pen to penetrate the epidermis of the skin to apply color ink to the lip border first and then to the back lip. This process will last from 45 to 60 minutes or more depending on the condition of the user’s lips.
  • Step 5: Apply Lotion to the skin to nourish the newly beautified area. After that, the cosmetic technicians will instruct you on how to carefully care for your lips at home and schedule regular follow-up examinations.

Dr. Long embroiders beautiful, natural and safe lips

Despite the appearance of many large and small cosmetic clinics today, Dr. Long is still a place that receives the trust of thousands of beauty enthusiasts. Simply because we:

  • There are a full range of modern embroidery embroidery technologies that are widely popular.
  • There is a team of highly qualified cosmetic tattoo technicians who are well-trained through professional schools.
  • Premium tattoo ink has a wide range of modern color tones for users to choose from.
  • Professional service process helps lip injection quickly, painlessly and without accompanying complications.
  • Extended service warranty helps users protect their great interests.

Therefore, please contact Dr. Long cosmetic clinic today. We will bring you high satisfaction with aesthetic results beyond your expectations.

Quote for lip embroidery service at Dr. Long cosmetic clinic

Currently, Dr. Long offers cosmetic lip injections at preferential prices from only 990,000 VND/person. At the same time, we also have many other promotions for all customers who come to use our services. Please call Dr. Long’s hotline for more detailed advice when needed.


So, you have discovered all the useful information about the methodlip embroidery Top modern. If you want to have the fresh, plump lips of your dreams, then contact Dr. Long for lip aesthetics right now. We are ready to serve customers across provinces and cities.

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