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Double Eyelid Surgery – The secret to creating permanent, natural double eyelids

"Double eyelid surgery - The secret to creating permanent natural double eyelids. In just 30 minutes you can own sparkling Korean double eyelids, captivating the other person, helping you be more confident in communication as well as life."
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Double eyelid surgery – The secret to creating permanent, natural double eyelids. In just 30 minutes you can own a pairKorean double eyelids sparkling, captivating the other person, helping you be more confident in communication as well as life.


Small single eyelids or lined eyelids are a typical and popular feature of Oriental people in general and Vietnamese people in particular. Although it does not have much effect on physical health, however, according to the ancient concept of beauty, beautiful eyes must be big and round with clear and attractive eyelid folds.

To meet that requirement,Cut eyelids was born as a perfect and safe cosmetic surgery method. Especially, with servicedouble eyelid surgery has solved eye problems for millions of people. So methoddouble eyelid surgery What is that?


What is double eyelid surgery?

Cut eyelidsis considered a method by cosmetic surgery expertspermanent eye removal,pretty simple. However, not many people really master the techniquehow to cut eyes, How is it done, then?What is eye surgery??

Cut eyelidsakapermanent eyelid surgery,is done by making a small incision along the previously measured eyelid crease, identifying excess skin and internal fat bags and then removing them. Suture the incision with cosmetic sutures after removing excess skin and fat from the eyes. Results of cosmetic proceduresdouble eyelid surgery will be big, round and naturally beautiful with new eyelid folds. (See more: Double eyelid surgery)


Advantages of double eyelid surgery method

Cut eyelids Not only is it popular thanks to overcoming “genetic” disadvantageseye cutIt is also trusted by customers thanks to outstanding advantages such as:

High safety

Cut eyelids Thanks to the application of advanced and modern technology, bleeding during surgery is minimized, especially without invading or damaging adjacent skin areas. Therefore, every operation is performed accurately and quickly.

Create double eyelids, remove excess skin and fat bags on the eyes

Not only creating big round eyes with new eyelid folds, technologyCut eyelids It also helps remove most of the heavy puffiness that causes drooping eyelids. Remove excess skin and eye fat, thoroughly treats sagging skin that makes aging eyes less flexible. Can say,cut big eyes is a 3-in-1 method that can solve many problems with only 1 implementation technique.

No pain, no scars

ProgressCut eyelids is carried out very gently and does not cause pain or any discomfort to the customer during the surgery due to prior anesthesia. At the same time tocut big round eyesnaturally and without visible scars, surgeons will use the technique of creating ophthalmic folds to cleverly hide the incision on the eyelid. Therefore, afterCut eyelids It will be very difficult, there won’t even be any aesthetic traces left on the eyes. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much Is double eyelid surgery painful? Is double eyelid surgery painful? Does double eyelid surgery leave scars?

No downtime required

Cut eyelids Because it has the advantage of being carried out quickly, minimizing invasiveness and causing no swelling or pain How long does it take for double eyelid surgery to heal? Helps save maximum time for customers. Afterdouble eyelid surgery was able to go home and work normally without any problems. Noteworthy, How long does it take for an eye cut to look beautiful? How long does it take for an eye cut to heal? How many days does it take for an eye cut to be swollen?Besides objective factors such as technique used by the surgeon, it also depends largely on the physical condition of each person.

Brings long-lasting results

Unlike traditional surgical methods and technologyCut eyelids Nowadays, it minimizes dissection, is done quickly (30-45 minutes) and brings good results. beautiful eye cutting, aesthetic eye cutting stable and long lasting (lasting forever*).


Care regimen after eyelid surgery

AfterAfter eyelid surgery, what should you avoid eating? What should you eat after eyelid surgery?is very important because post-operative care has a great impact on the results achieved after surgery. Below is the aftercare regimenCut eyelids It’s best to refer to it if neededdouble eyelid surgery:

After surgeryCut eyelids About 2-3 days, the eye area will have slight swelling and bruising. This is completely normal, after about 5-7 days the eyes will reduce swelling and become more naturally beautiful with new eyelid folds.

– Apply ice to reduce swelling and pain in the eyes.

– After eyelid surgery, you should drink plenty of water and actively drink fruit juice. Minimize the use of carbonated drinks and alcohol because it affects the wound after surgery.

– Minimize make-up around the eyes, avoid direct contact with water and wear sunglasses every time you go out so that sunlight does not affect bad scars later.

– Limit your eyes to work too much, especially in front of the computer screen. Absolutely do not rub your eyes too hard to avoid eye infection.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the problem What should you avoid eating if you have an eye cut? What should you avoid eating if you have an eye cut?Therefore, you need to avoid eating foods such as red meat, beef, chicken, spinach, sticky rice, seafood… because these foods will make scars worse, causing itching and keloid formation. .


Prestigious address for double eyelid surgery in Ho Chi Minh City

Where eyelid beautifulnice Where to get beautiful eye surgery in Ho Chi Minh City? This is extremely important before surgery. Therefore, to make a wise decision when choosing an address and facilityprestigious eye cutting, you need to consider some of the following criteria:

– Beauty salon Where to get beautiful eyes?must be granted an operating license from the Department of Health.

– AddressWhere cutting beautiful eyes First of all, we must ensure prestige, quality and modernity. Always update the latest and best eyelid surgery cosmetic methods to ensure the most perfect results.

Where is a good place to get double eyelid surgery? is also dominated by a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses, with specialized training in the field of aestheticsCut eyelids. The success of a double eyelid surgery will depend greatly on the skills and techniques of the surgeon and the doctor’s eye for aesthetic prognosis.

– The eyelid surgery procedure at that cosmetic surgery facility must be carried out in accordance with the procedure, always promoting safety and precision in each step.

According to the assessment of experts and a large number of customers who have cosmetic experience, to be able to evaluateWhere to cut beautiful eyes, where to cut big eyes beautifully, where to cut beautiful eyes?You should carefully research reputable beauty centers, experienced cosmetic doctors or come directly to see the quality of service and compare prices better. (See more: Eyebrow lift)

Rescue eyes with weak levator muscle thanks to eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery procedure at Doctor Long Plastic Surgery Clinic

Is one of the addressesCut eyelids famous for its naturalness and safety in Ho Chi Minh City,PKCK PTTM Dr. Long has helped thousands of customers have perfect, beautiful double eyelids over the past 10 years. To know more about the servicebeautiful natural eye cut, Below is the cosmetic procedure at Dr. Long Beauty Salon:

Step 1: Consult and examine the condition of excess fatty tissue and sagging skin on the eyelids, then advise specifically on the implementation processCut eyelids.

Step 2: After analysis, the doctor will measure and draw a new eyelid line suitable for the customer.

Step 3:Disinfects and anesthetizes the eyelids.

Step 4: The doctor and his team quickly remove excess skin and fat and quickly create new eyelid lines.

Step 5: After eyelid surgery, the incision will be closed with cosmetic sutures along the new eyelid crease.

Step 6:Prescribe medication and give dedicated advice on care regimen after cosmetic surgery.


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In order to further improve customer experience, in the near future, Dr. Long will officially introduce ASIA SAIGON International Dental and Aesthetic Hospital. Located at 314-316-318 Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 1, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, the hospital is expected to open in mid-2024, providing a new space with luxurious and spacious infrastructure. , promises to be the ideal destination for those who are looking for perfection and optimal beauty care.