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Ear Lobe Patching – All the important information you need to know

Is your earlobe torn and stretched due to an unexpected incident? Don't worry, just contact Dr. Long and you will receive a surprisingly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing earlobe patch.
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Earlobe patching is a simple minor surgery that helps restore torn or stretched earlobes due to unwanted accidents. Although it is only a small procedure, not everyone clearly understands this beauty method as well as the procedure for performing minor surgery at a reputable cosmetic clinic on the market. For that reason, today Dr. Long will bring you useful information for you to consider carefully before proceeding for yourself.

What is an earlobe patch?

Earlobe patching is a simple medical procedure that helps restore torn or stretched earlobes[/caption]

Earlobe repair is a simple medical procedure that helps heal torn ears to restore their original shape.

More specifically, specialists will reconstruct the earlobe by cutting off the scarred skin at the edge of the tear and then closing the cut with medical thread. After 5 to 7 days of minor surgery, you will have the stitches removed and have naturally beautiful earlobes like the original.

Currently, this cosmetic method is being provided by many beauty establishments to customers in need. So you can easily schedule minor surgery anywhere to immediately fix defects on your earlobes.

In these cases, large earlobes should be patched for cosmetic purposes

Ear lobe patching is a cosmetic method prescribed for cases of ear lobe defects for many different reasons. Which includes:

  • People whose earrings are stretched due to frequent wearing of heavy earrings.
  • Unfortunate people with congenitally drooping earlobes look extremely unaesthetic.
  • People have torn earlobes due to earrings getting caught in clothes or due to unexpected accidents.
  • People whose earlobes are concave due to congenital lack of cartilage right from birth.

Advantages and disadvantages of the earlobe patch method

Small earlobe patching has become a popular beauty method as it shows many outstanding advantages that convince users. However, you also need to know that it will have certain disadvantages that any minor surgery has. For details, please refer to it now:


  • Minor surgical methods are highly effective without causing the tear to recur many times.
  • This is only a small surgery so it does not cause too much damage to the user’s body.
  • Accordingly, the risk of leaving ugly scars is also significantly reduced.
  • The entire minor surgery process only takes a few dozen minutes, so you don’t have to spend much time waiting.
  • After patching your earlobe, you can go home immediately without needing to be hospitalized or have a long-term convalescence.
  • You can rest assured that this beauty method will not affect your hearing because it only brings external effects.
  • The cost of surgery is not expensive but on the contrary, it is very affordable.


  • The aesthetics of the earlobe after patching depends greatly on the skill of the doctor performing it. So it’s best to only turn to leading industry experts for support when needed.

Professional earlobe patching process

Doctors are patching the earlobe according to current technical procedures[/caption]

Although earlobe repair surgery does not require too many complicated techniques, specialists also need to perform minor surgery according to professional procedures. Because doing this will help the earlobe after patching have a high aesthetic beauty while also limiting unwanted risks for the user.

So more specifically, what steps does this process include? Dr. Long Cosmetic Clinic will take you to explore more thoroughly right now:

Check the condition of the earlobe

First, your doctor will carefully examine the condition of your earlobe to know the most exact location of the tear. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the amount of stretch of the torn earlobe to come up with an effective and safe solution.

All of this important information will be informed in detail by the doctor to the person performing the minor surgery. Then you will get the best advice for you.

General health check

To avoid possible complications, a general health check is an indispensable step. Accordingly, you will be taken for examination and have the necessary tests performed to determine whether you have any dangerous underlying diseases or not.

If so, the doctors will make a professional assessment to decide if you can have minor surgery or if you have to wait a little longer. In the opposite case, you will be transferred to the minor surgery room to prepare for your earlobe patch.

Disinfect the earlobe and inject anesthetic 

Here, you will have your earlobe disinfected to avoid the risk of infection causing serious complications after surgery. Next, cosmetic technicians will inject anesthetic into the area to be sewn for local anesthesia.

Under the effect of anesthesia, you will not feel pain during the process of the doctor patching your earlobe. So you don’t need to worry or fear too much.

Perform earlobe patching

First, the doctors will use a scalpel to make a small incision at the base of the earlobe. From this incision, the cosmetic specialist will begin to remove fatty tissue, excess skin that is stretched and excess skin that is too loose.

The remaining skin tissue will be collected by a cosmetic expert to shape and reconstruct the aesthetic earlobe. Finally, use medical thread to close the wound very skillfully to ensure the best aesthetics for the user.

Post-operative care

Patients after earlobe surgery will be transferred to the post-operative room for health monitoring. If any complications occur, doctors will intervene and handle them promptly. If your health is stable after 2 hours of monitoring, you will be allowed to go home to work and study as usual.

Important notes to know when patching earlobes

For minor surgery to be successful, you need to memorize the following important notes:

  • Find out carefully the reputation and expertise of the beauty salon providing your earlobe patching service. Only trust places with good operations that are legally licensed to operate by competent authorities.
  • Carefully learn about the service policy, price quote, and after-sales service applied after using the service at the beauty facility. Because this is important information that directly affects your wallet and your future benefits.
  • Please ask highly qualified specialists to perform your minor surgery yourself to limit unwanted risks.
  • During the examination, you should honestly declare your medical history so that the doctor can clearly understand and provide timely treatment.
  • During surgery, keep a comfortable mind to avoid experiencing illusory pain.
  • After returning home, you need to take pain and swelling medication as prescribed by your doctor and take proper care of the surgical wound.
  • Return to the beauty salon for a follow-up appointment as scheduled with your therapist.

Dr. Long’s PTTM – Safe address for earlobe patching

Among many existing cosmetic facilities, Dr. Long is always proud to be a pioneer in the field of providing high quality beauty services. Accordingly, many people consider us a golden address for aesthetic earlobe restoration with the following outstanding strengths:

  • Dr. Long has modern, spacious facilities with full examination rooms, minor surgery rooms, and post-operative rooms equipped with advanced machinery and equipment.
  • There is a team of experienced and skilled beauticians who have studied in many countries with leading beauty industry developments.
  • Cosmetic technology imported from abroad is innovated and updated regularly according to the latest trends.
  • The methodical earlobe patching process meets current quality standards.
  • Professional beauty services, thoughtful medical care services and extended after-sales warranty services help protect great benefits for all customers.
  • Preferential price quotes range from just a few million VND for a safe cosmetic earlobe patch.

So please contact us now for examination, consultation and painless cosmetic earlobe patching. Soon, you will own the perfect beautiful earlobes you desire.

Instructions on how to care for earlobes after minor surgery

All customers coming to Dr. Long’s beauty clinic are given the following instructions on how to properly care for their earlobes:

  • Clean the minor surgery area with physiological saline 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Absolutely do not let this area stay wet for a long time because it will cause the wound to become infected and take a long time to heal.
  • Avoid using stimulants and foods that easily cause pus, swelling, pain, and infection in your surgical wound.
  • Do not frequently touch the surgical area with your hands to avoid spreading bacteria from your hands to the surgical wound.
  • Do not apply too much force to the earlobe to avoid damage and excessive pain.
  • After 5 to 7 days of surgery, return to the clinic to have stitches removed and check on recovery progress.


Thus, Dr. Long has taken you to explore in detail the popular cosmetic earlobe patching method today. This is a simple surgery but can help people completely overcome the defect of their torn or stretched earlobes. So please contact us now for quick, safe minor surgery if you unfortunately suffer from this defect.

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