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Skin rejuvenation with Filler – Botox injections, which method is better?

What is Filler - Botox injection, what is the difference between these two facial beauty methods? All questions will be resolved in the following article!
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Filler – Botox injection are two concepts that are very familiar to beauty enthusiasts. Although they have the same purpose of correcting imperfections on the skin’s surface and dispelling signs of aging. However, Filler and Botox injections have different ingredients, mechanisms of action and uses. To learn more about the differences between these two methods, then choose the right skin care treatment for yourself. Please follow the following editorial content!

Filler injection – Botox and concepts you need to know?

Many people often mistakenly think thatFiller – Botox injection are all the same cosmetic filling method to help tighten facial skin and remove wrinkles. In fact, these two methods have very fundamental differences. Please find out the detailsWhat is Botox Filler injection? to choose to apply to your current skin condition.

What is the concept of Filler injection?

Filler is a filler called Hyaluronic Acid that is used to inject into the subcutaneous surface. The purpose is to create a layer of fatty tissue under the skin, making the skin smoother and more elastic. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural acid that has been certified by the FDA and licensed for free consumption. Filler injections are widely used in medical beauty services, shown through Filler injections to lift the nose, restore sunken cheeks, sunken temples, create baby cheeks, and plump lips.

What is the concept of Botox injection?

Botox injection therapy uses Botulinum toxin – derived from microorganisms that exist in the natural environment. Botox injection is an effective wrinkle removal solution, soothing signs of aging such as wrinkles around the mouth, corners of the eyes, frown lines… In general, Botox is a method that helps inhibit the formation of wrinkles.

Filler and Botox injections and the difference

Filler – Botox injection It is an effective skin lifting and sagging solution used by many people. Each method is suitable for different skin conditions. So please learn the difference between Filler and Botox and choose the right treatment for yourself.


Filler has many different types corresponding to durability. The main Filler injection compounds are Hyaluronic Acid, PLLA, collagen… These ingredients are injected deep into the dermis layer under the skin. Then distribute widely and promote the effect of lifting tissue under wrinkles, making facial skin smoother.

Botox is a medical cosmetic treatment that uses the compound Botulinum Toxin. This is a toxin secreted by the naturally occurring bacteria Clostridium Botulinum.

Uses of Filler – Botox injection therapy

Filler: Has a filling effect on depressed areas of the face to help restore a youthful, radiant appearance. Typically, sunken cheeks, forehead, temples, deep nostrils, and cheek grooves. Treats differently static wrinkles you can spot when your face is still. Filler injections plump the cheeks, plump the lips and prevent the skin from sagging thanks to natural collagen. In addition, Filler is also used to shape a high nose, creating a harmonious face with a V-line chin.

Botox: Helps prevent chemical signals transmitted from the nervous system to relax facial muscles, limit muscle contraction, and reduce dynamic wrinkles on the face. Botox injections treat wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, and on the chin. Contributes to narrowing the jaw angle for a balanced face. In addition, Botox injections also help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin – protein compounds that play a role in increasing skin firmness and elasticity.

Filler – Botox injection and how long does the effect last?

Filler injection: Feel the effect immediately, maintenance time lasts 6 – 24 months.

Botox injection: Feel the effect after a few days of cosmetic intervention, the maintenance time is shorter, only 4-6 months.

In short,Filler – Botox injection Effectively maintained for different periods of time. Filler injections help correct skin defects formed by the aging process, also known as static wrinkles, with a more lasting effect. Botox injection is more dominant in treating dynamic wrinkles but the effect lasts shorter.

Cost of Filler and Botox

How much does Botox Filler injection cost? is what every customer is interested in when learning about this beauty service. LevelFiller Botox injection price depends on many factors including the implementation facility, clinic brand and quality of injection ingredients.

In general, the price of Filler injections is slightly higher than Botox because the effective time is longer. In addition, the price also varies depending on the dosage and injection location. For example, injections into the cheeks will cost more than injections into the lips. To get specific informationHow much does Filler and Botox cost?, please contact us for the most detailed quote.

Plastic surgery clinic Dr. Long – reputable Filler and Botox injection address

Doctor Long is a typical name in providing servicesFiller – Botox injection reputation and quality in the market. Coming to Dr. Long’s clinic, you will experience beauty services that are painless, non-invasive and do not affect your health. Customers will be examined by a doctor and a suitable treatment course will be outlined from basic to advanced. Plastic Surgery Surgery Dr. Long offers a standard Filler Botox injection route to help restore plump, youthful and radiant skin.

Why should you inject Filler – Botox at Dr. Long’s Plastic Surgery Center?

Doctor Long is a reputable Filler Botox injection unit that you should consider choosing because of the following plus points:

Filler – Botox injections use safe ingredients

Plastic Surgery Clinic Dr. Long is committed to using materialsFiller – Botox injection has a clear origin, does not contain toxic substances, and does not leave any side effects. Injectable ingredients are researched for safety and effectiveness, recognized by the FDA and granted a certificate of circulation in cosmetic surgery by the EU.

The clinic provides Filler injection services using Hyaluronic Acid. This type of acid has a structure similar to a natural substance in the human body. Therefore, the possibility of side effects or complications is very low. Customers can rest assured when experiencing beauty services at Dr. Long’s clinic.

Good doctor with experience in the beauty field

Doctor Long’s team of excellent doctors not only masters theory but is also proficient in skills. Customers coming to the clinic will be directly examined by Dr. Vuong Khanh Long and given a specialized treatment course suitable for each skin type. Dr. Long has over 20 years working in the cosmetic industry, creating natural beauty for thousands of customers.

In addition, it is impossible not to mention the team of doctors and doctors who have graduated with Master’s degrees and professors who are very dedicated to their profession and to their customers. When you come to Doctor Long, you will double your satisfaction with the doctor’s qualifications here.

Attentive post-injection care service

After the Filler Botox injection process ends, you will be monitored post-injection at the clinic for one hour. Doctors and medical staff will regularly check and evaluate the condition after injection. At the same time, your doctor will advise you on how to take care of yourself at home through diet and rest. Dr. Long’s care service is rated 5 stars by customers because of the thoughtfulness and dedication of the medical staff.

Notes after Filler – Botox injection

In order for the Filler – Botox injection process to be highly effective and ensure your own safety, you need to note the following:

General note

  • Understand the origin of the injection product, ensuring a long shelf life.
  • Only inject Botox Filler with intact packaging and labels.
  • Only inject Filler and Botox at a reputable brand with a legal operating license.
  • Use newly peeled needles, do not reuse old needles.
  • People who are pregnant, breastfeeding or have underlying medical conditions should consult their doctor before getting vaccinated.

Note after Filler injection

After Filler injection, you should follow the following instructions for care within 1 week:

  • Avoid going to places with dust and sunlight.
  • Do not touch the injection area for at least 2 weeks after injection.
  • Do not steam or avoid places with high temperatures.
  • Come back for a check-up as directed by your doctor.
  • If you see signs of pain or loss of sensation, contact your doctor immediately.

Notes after Botox injection

The effect of Botox injection comes later than with Filler, specifically 1 week after injection. This therapy lasts for 4 – 6 months, after this time you can do the next treatment. Botox injectors need to pay attention to the following:

  • Limit activity in the injection area, it is best not to wrinkle your forehead, not smile… 3 – 4 hours after injection.
  • Do not touch the injection site or apply makeup after the injection.
  • Do not apply force, whether light or strong, to the injection area within 1 hour after injection.
  • After Botox injection, customers may experience mild headaches or muscle pain. However, this symptom does not last long and will quickly disappear, so don’t worry too much.
  • In some cases, the skin layer is too loose, so the injected substance spreads to the adjacent area, causing ptosis. If this symptom persists, contact your doctor.
  • If you are using other therapies, you should tell your doctor before getting the injection.


Above are the entire differences between the methodsFiller – Botox injection. At this point you have your own answer which therapy is better. In general, both Filler and Botox injections serve the purpose of rejuvenating the skin and removing wrinkles, but they apply to each of your skin conditions. Therefore, please contact Dr. Long for a thorough examination and outline a suitable and safe treatment plan.




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