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Cheekbone reduction: From A to Z, important things to know before proceeding

Cheekbone reduction is a cosmetic method that helps you lower your cheekbones so that they are beautiful and in harmony with your face. Here are the things you need to know when performing this minor surgery.
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For women, having cheekbones that are too high is often considered to have a killer appearance. As for men, these cheekbones also make the face lose its inherently harmonious beauty. So the cosmetic surgery methodlower cheekbones was born as a solution for those who want to improve their beauty and physiognomy. Soon, we will learn more about this beauty method in more detail.

What is cheekbone reduction?

Hạ gò má là phương pháp phẫu thuật chỉnh hình dáng gò má quá cao cho người dùng

Lower cheekbones is a cosmetic surgery method that helps correct the shape of cheekbones that are too high on the user’s face. Accordingly, specialists will perform medical procedures to reduce cheekbones and remove unnecessary fatty tissue. Thanks to that, your face will have a much more harmonious and balanced beauty.

Currently, this beauty method is recommended for both women and men with higher-than-normal cheekbones. It has been widely provided by major beauty institutes to everyone who needs it.

Why should you have cheekbone reduction surgery?

Hạ xương gò má giúp bạn sở hữu vẻ đẹp thẩm mỹ hoàn hảo và thay đổi cả tướng số của mình

On each of our faces, cheekbones are one of the important factors used to evaluate aesthetic beauty. Usually, a beautiful pair of cheekbones will have a moderate height, not too protruding above, making the face much fiercer and less sharp.

Accordingly, a pair of high cheekbones not only affects aesthetic beauty but also greatly affects a person’s physiognomy. So you need to do the shiftCheekbone reduction surgery give yourself to:

  • Improve your beauty: Lowering your cheekbones helps you have a harmonious, balanced beauty, easily attracting sympathy from the opposite person. Thanks to that, business and life will become more convenient than usual.
  • Change in physiognomy: Women with high cheekbones are considered to have a husband-killing appearance, which is not good for the husband’s destiny. If a man owns these cheekbones, he will be considered hot-tempered and has difficulty controlling himself, easily causing family breakdown. But just by lowering your cheeks, your destiny and that of your partner will change in a much better direction.

Cheekbone reduction procedure according to current medical standards

Các bác sĩ chuyên khoa đang hạ gò má theo quy trình y khoa hiện đại

According to specialists, surgerylower cheekbones will affect the skeleton and soft tissue. Therefore, it requires the person performing this minor surgery to have a high level of expertise to lower the cheekbones according to the following standard procedure:

Stage 1 – Before surgery

  • First, find yourself a reliable cosmetic surgery location to be supported by a team of leading industry experts.
  • Here, doctors will conduct a thorough examination and give the most accurate assessment of the condition of each person’s cheekbones.
  • Based on the current condition of the cheekbones, leading doctors will propose appropriate surgical options and present simulations to their patients.
  • Next, you will be taken for a health examination and necessary tests to ensure that you are fully capable of performing this minor surgery.

Stage 2 – During surgery

  • Patients with good health conditions will be taken to the minor surgery room to begin reducing their too high cheekbones.
  • Here, specialists will use antiseptics to remove germs and bacteria from the area where minor surgery is performed.
  • Use a scalpel to make a small incision in the patient’s oral cavity to gently peel away the soft tissue above to expose the cheekbones to the outside.
  • When the cheekbones are visible, the doctors will remove a corresponding piece of bone to lower the height of this part. Then, use screws to connect and fix the remaining cheek bone.
  • Use medical thread to sew the incision inside the patient’s oral cavity. Finally, use a compression bandage to carefully shape the face.

How to care after cheek reduction

Bạn nên vệ sinh gò má nhẹ nhàng và chăm sóc khu vực này kỹ lưỡng để vết thương nhanh lành

After stageCheekbone reduction surgery, you need to take care of this area properly to minimize the risk of infection and other possible risks. Here are the important things you need to do for yourself:

  • You should not let the area where you just had surgery stay wet for a long time, but must keep it dry at all times.
  • Take pain relievers and anti-swelling medication as prescribed by the doctor directly treating you.
  • You should only clean your teeth gently to avoid touching the incision inside.
  • Do not exercise or exercise too vigorously, causing the fixed bandage to move out of its position.
  • When sleeping, you should lie on your back and keep your head straight, not leaning to either side to avoid misaligned cheekbones.
  • Within the first week after surgery, you should prioritize foods with soft textures if you do not want to experience pain when chewing too much.
  • Regularly follow-up appointments with your specialist.

How much does cheekbone reduction currently cost?

Chi phí hạ gò má dao động từ 70 triệu đồng đến 115 triệu đồng/ca

For surgerylower cheekbones If everything goes well, you need to have strong support from modern machinery, equipment, technology and a team of experienced specialists in the industry. At the same time, you also need attentive medical care before, during and after this minor surgery.

These are also important deciding factorsCheekbone reduction cost Currently at beauty salons on the market.

In more detail, the cost of performing this minor surgery currently ranges from 70 million VND to 115 million VND/case depending on the condition of each person’s cheekbones. So you need to contact a reputable beauty salon for an examination and an accurate quote for your particular case.

Dr. Long’s PTTM – Safe place to reduce cheekbones for natural beauty

Bác Sĩ Long cung cấp dịch vụ hạ gò má đẹp tự nhiên với mức giá rất vừa túi

You don’t know where to reduce your cheekbones for aesthetic beauty and high safety? You don’t know where to find beauty services at preferential prices on the market? Don’t worry, come immediately to Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM. We are proud to be the place to bring natural beauty to thousands of customers over the years with:

  • Highly qualified specialists have successfully performed thousands of minor surgeries for those unfortunate enough to have uneven, unsharp cheekbones.
  • Modern beauty technology imported directly from abroad brings high efficiency when reducing cheekbones for users.
  • Spacious facilities with full sterile rooms and advanced equipment certified to meet current quality standards.
  • Attentive medical care services are provided before, during and after minor surgery for users.
  • Streamlined service processes help customers save a lot of time and travel effort.
  • The preferential service cost is 5 to 10% lower than the general market, helping you tighten your wallet when using it.
  • Long-term warranty helps customers protect their own great interests.

Some frequently asked questions about cheekbone reduction method

In the process of serving customers near and far, Dr. Long cosmetic clinic has received many frequently asked questions about this beauty method. As follows:

Is cheekbone reduction dangerous?

Hạ xương gò má chỉ an toàn khi được thực hiện bởi bác sĩ giàu kinh nghiệm

Basicallyhow to lower cheekbonesis just a minor surgical method performed routinely. If performed by skilled and highly qualified doctors, this beauty method will ensure great safety for users.

But if the person performing the minor surgery has poor skills, the minor surgery will bring a lot of dangers and risks to the user. For example, it increases the risk of infection, necrosis and even disfigurement of people’s faces.

Therefore, you should choose for yourself a highly reputable cosmetic facility with experienced specialists when you want to get a beauty treatment. Prominent among them is Dr. Long cosmetic clinic, which is trusted by thousands of people.

How long does it take to lower cheekbones to look naturally beautiful?

Although it is a minor surgery, the cheek area still needs time to recover after the bone is removed and excess fat tissue is removed. According to specialists, the time for this area to completely heal will range from 1 to 3 months depending on each person’s constitution. After that, the cheekbones will have the right shape and form so that you will have a much more perfect beauty than before.

How long does cheek reduction last?

If you get injections to lower your cheekbones, the beauty period will only last 4 to 6 months. But if you perform cheekbone reduction surgery for yourself, the aesthetic beauty will last forever. This is also the reason why many people prioritize choosing this long-term beauty method.

Phẫu thuật hạ xương gò má một lần giúp kéo dài vẻ đẹp thẩm mỹ vĩnh viễn

Thus, Dr. Long cosmetic clinic has helped you answer your questions about the methodlower cheekbones What is that? How much does it cost and where should it be done to ensure high efficiency? Along with that is important relevant information so you can easily have a successful minor surgery at this time. Right now, please contact Dr. Long cosmetic clinic to schedule your professional consultation, examination and minor surgery.

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