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Eyebrow tattoo – The secret to owning beautiful, sharp, natural eyebrows

Eyebrow tattooing is a beauty method that helps users have beautiful, sharp, natural eyebrows. So come to Dr. Long to experience it right now.
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Do you have pale, less sharp eyebrows? Do you want to have naturally beautiful eyebrows to confidently communicate every day? The tattooed eyebrows is the ideal solution that you should not ignore at this time. Come to Dr. Long’s cosmetic clinic for advice, shaping and safe eyebrow tattooing. We are ready to serve all customers.

What is eyebrow tattoo?

Tattooed eyebrows is a modern eyebrow cosmetic technique. Accordingly, beauty experts will use a tattoo pen with a microscopic needle tip to apply ink under the user’s skin. The main purpose is to create a sharp eyebrow shape but still bring the most natural beauty to those who perform this cosmetic method.

Compared to eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow tattooing provides a more lasting aesthetic effect. Because the microscopic needles in the tattoo pen can deliver colored ink deep into the dermis, not just on the epidermis. This helps the ink color to last the longest on the user’s skin

But you can rest assured that eyebrow tattooing will not harm your body. After only a short time, the tattooed area will quickly heal, peel off the scales and pull the young skin upward to reveal the natural ink color like the real eyebrow color.

Available eyebrow tattoo methods

Along with the strong development of modern cosmetic industry, there are many methods eyebrow tattooing was born. Which includes:

Traditional eyebrow tattoo

When it was first introduced to the market, traditional eyebrow tattooing methods often caused a lot of pain for users. Because it uses a large needle tip to impact the dermis layer under the skin, leading to major damage on the eyebrow area. This is also the reason why many people often have eyebrow scars after coming back from a beauty salon.

Furthermore, the eyebrow color after tattooing is even darker than usual so it doesn’t look natural. The shape of the artificial eyebrows is somewhat rough and not as soft as the original eyebrows.

Gradually over time, the above outdated beauty methods have been replaced by more modern methods. Currently, large and small beauty salons no longer use the traditional eyebrow tattoo method for themselves.

Spray powder eyebrows

Spray Tattoo eyebrow Powdering is a beauty method originating from Korea. It is considered a perfect combination of tattoo technique with the extremely popular powder spray technique.

First, cosmetic technicians will use eyebrow spraying techniques to shape about 80% of the eyebrow shape. Then, a layer of fine powder will be applied on top to bring a natural color transition to the eyebrows.

Thanks to that, this beauty method gives users eyebrows with gentle, natural colors with sharp outlines like makeup. But it still helps you maintain your youthful beauty without looking old at all.

Microblading eyebrow spray

Micro-touch eyebrow spraying is also known by another name, smart particle eyebrow spraying. Accordingly, tattoo technicians will use specialized eyebrow tattoo tools to create many tiny particles on the user’s eyebrows. They help shape slender, delicate eyebrows, making it difficult to distinguish real from fake with the naked eye.

This tattooing method helps overcome defects on unattractive eyebrows. For example, the eyebrows are broken, pale or have unbalanced lines with the user’s face.

Eyebrow spraying with modern Ombre technology

True to its name, the eyebrow spraying method using modern Ombre technology helps users change eyebrow color from light to dark in a very natural way while still ensuring extremely high sharpness. Thereby, the above method of cosmetic tattooing will remove unattractive eyebrows and replace them with soft, good-looking willow leaf eyebrows.

Although it brings high beauty results, the above tattoo method is quite simple. In particular, cosmetic technicians still perform normal tattooing operations, but the needle tips will be placed on the skin with gradually increasing pressure from the beginning to the end of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow embroidery

For the eyebrow embroidery method, the beautician will use a tiny Nano needle tip to penetrate the skin at a depth of 0.2 to 0.3mm. Therefore, it does not cause invasive effects or damage to cell tissue, helping the recovery process to be greatly shortened.

But you need to know that the eyebrow embroidery technique requires high dexterity and meticulousness from beauty experts. So only caring experts can help you have the beautiful eyebrows you want without pain, swelling or long scars.

Eyebrow sculpting

Add a spray way tattooed eyebrows Another effective thing that you should not ignore is eyebrow sculpting. In this case, beauticians will use a specialized pen to sculpt the user’s eyebrows. The main purpose is to create eyebrows with realistic density to bring the most youthful appearance to the user.

Depending on your own needs and beauty preferences, you can choose the appropriate tattoo method for yourself. But it’s better to only contact reputable beauty salons for examination and optimal technical advice when needed.

Current eyebrow tattoo prices

At today’s large and small beauty salons, you will receive detailed information eyebrow tattoo price list for careful reference before use. It is not difficult to see that the numbers given by beauty establishments are highly variable due to differences in: Workmanship, implementation methods, type of ink used and accompanying service policies. ..

But in general, the price difference for eyebrow tattoos at reputable beauty facilities is not too large. It ranges from 990,000 VND to 3,500,000 VND/person.

If you are in need of beauty treatment, choose a trustworthy place to receive the most preferential prices. Here, you will be thoroughly examined and consulted to get a specific quote based on the current condition of your eyebrows.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow tattoo methods

Since its introduction to the market, the methodfeng shui eyebrow tattoo chosen by thousands of users. Because it shows many outstanding advantages during and after the eyebrow shaping process.

However, you also need to note that the above beauty method still has its own disadvantages when used. More specifically:


  • Brings beautiful, natural and sharp eyebrows to users.
  • Thoroughly overcome the condition of sparse eyebrows, broken, faded, discolored eyebrows or previously damaged tattoos.
  • Causes little damage or invasion, so it doesn’t leave ugly scars.
  • Has a quick recovery time and requires little care when used.
  • Eyebrow tattooing once can last for many years.
  • The cost of beauty treatments is affordable so anyone can do it for themselves.


  • After the anesthetic wears off, you will feel a burning sensation on your eyebrows.
  • Eyebrows can easily become asymmetrical if the person performing them has poor professional skills.

Should I tattoo my eyebrows?

After analyzing the above mentioned advantages and disadvantages, it can be seen tattooed eyebrows is an optimal beauty method although there are still some drawbacks. However, you just need to contact a highly skilled beauty salon to minimize the pain of tattooing and easily get naturally beautiful eyebrows for yourself.

So it can be said that this is still the ideal choice for those with pale, sparse eyebrows with many shortcomings. As well as those with rough eyebrows who want to adjust their eyebrows to look as beautiful as they want.

Address for naturally beautiful and safe feng shui eyebrow tattooing

You want naturally beautiful eyebrow tattooing but don’t know where to go? So please contact Dr. Long cosmetic clinic immediately. We are proud to provide a full range of trusted modern beauty methods. Accompanying that is a team of highly qualified industry-leading experts possessing “golden” hands.

A reputable beauty salon is committed to bringing you the beauty results you expect. After just 60 short minutes, you will notice a significant change on your face.


Above, Dr. Long cosmetic clinic has detailed the method tattooed eyebrows widely used on the market today. This is truly an ideal beauty method that gives users naturally beautiful eyebrows in a very safe way. So please contact Dr. Long today to upgrade your eyebrows.


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