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Forehead lift – Good price, reputable skin lift service at Dr. Long

Forehead skin tightening will help improve wrinkles and increase skin smoothness. Currently, there are many reputable places for forehead skin tightening, typically Dr. Long's PKCK PTTM.
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Sagging skin and wrinkles have become an obsession for many women. Especially wrinkles on the forehead are very noticeable, making women feel less confident. You can use the serviceforehead tighteningof Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM to get more beautiful, smooth and shiny skin. When using the service, you will be provided with reasonable prices and many special promotions.

Forehead lift: Concept and who should use the service

On the face, when wrinkles appear on the forehead, it will be very easy to recognize. Therefore, women often choose skin tightening methods in this area to improve defects.Forehead skin tightening This means surgery to remove excess, aging, and sagging skin. After surgery, wrinkles are improved, women regain a youthful look to their faces.

Căng da vùng trán giúp chị em phụ nữ cải thiện các nếp nhăn, lấy lại vẻ tươi trẻ

Wrinkles appear at medium and deep levels depending on each person’s constitution. The habit of squinting and frequently raising your eyes too many times will also cause these wrinkles to develop more. The following subjects should use forehead lift surgery:

  • People with skin with poor elasticity, sagging skin, and wrinkles around the eyebrows.
  • The habit of raising your eyebrows often causes wrinkles to appear on the forehead.
  • People who have had cosmetic surgery on their forehead but were unsuccessful. At this time, the blemishes on the skin will be more and it is necessary to choose a reputable cosmetic unit to fix them.

How many ways are there to lift skin on the forehead?

Currently, two methodsforehead tightening The most popular are surgical and forehead lift methodsHow to tighten forehead skin with thread. Each method will have its own outstanding advantages. You can base on the content below to ask your doctor which method is most suitable.

Surgical forehead lift method

Forehead surgery is a surgical method that pulls the forehead muscles and removes excess skin. When the muscle tissue in the forehead and eyebrows is improved, you will have a more youthful appearance. Currently,forehead tightening Surgery is performed by a team of highly specialized doctors.

Currently, surgical forehead lift is widely used in cosmetic surgery. The method is minimally invasive, leaves no scars, and heals quickly. The doctor will make about 2 to 3 small incisions under the hairline to serve the skin tightening process. The skin layers are then lifted, tightened, smoother and wrinkles are significantly reduced.

Forehead skin tightening with thread

The second method that many women choose is to use thread to tighten the skin. The method helps you look more youthful and maintain your natural beauty. Forehead thread lift is the use of biological threads to tighten the forehead muscles, helping to tighten the skin and reduce forehead wrinkles. However, this method is only suitable for those who have few wrinkles, do not have much sagging skin, do not need to remove excess skin and do not maintain results as long as surgical skin tightening.

Hiện nay, bạn có thể chọn căng da vùng trán bằng chỉ để cải thiện dung nhan

Where should I get a forehead lift?

Currently, to perform servicesforehead tightening You can go to clinics specializing in cosmetic surgery. However, with the increasing beauty needs of women, the number of cosmetic units appearing is increasing. If you choose the wrong address, you will both waste money and not achieve the desired effect.

If you still haven’t chosen where to use the service, you can refer to Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM. The clinic specializes in providing cosmetic services for skin, nose, eyes, breasts… helping women be confident in their appearance every time they appear. All information about the serviceforehead tightening You can refer to the website bacsilong.com for more information.

Forehead skin tightening procedure at Dr. Long

When you come to Dr. Long, you will always receive dedicated and thoughtful support from the medical staff. Procedureforehead tightening Happens quickly, professionally and safely. The following is the surgical procedure you can refer to:

Prepare before surgery

Before surgery, you will have your health checked. WithForehead lift surgery, customers do not need to shave their hair. Instead, wash your hair with antibacterial soap or shampoo before the day of surgery. Doctors will remind you when you come for a direct check-up.

Perform skin tightening on the forehead

Progressforehead tightening Don’t take up too much of your time. Depending on each person’s condition and needs, doctors may prescribe you to use threads to tighten the skin or apply surgical skin tightening methods. For example, for a surgical skin lift, you will be given general or local anesthesia.

Quy trình phẫu thuật căng da vùng trán sẽ được thực hiện nhanh chóng, chuyên nghiệp

The doctor will then make a few small incisions behind the hairline to insert the device. Using specialized techniques, the doctor removes excess skin, pulls and lifts the face. After surgery, patients will have the desired appearance, softer skin, and visibly reduced wrinkles. With the thread skin tightening method, the operations will be different from surgical skin tightening.

Skin care after surgery

After surgery, your doctor may prescribe pain relievers or antibiotics. Additionally, spend more time resting at home. Some light bruising and bruising may appear around the eyes but will fade after about two weeks. If any unusual signs occur, please contact your doctor for timely examination and treatment.

Benefits of choosing Dr. Long

As mentioned, Dr. Long specializes in providing high-quality cosmetic services, helping to overcome women’s weaknesses. Since its establishment, our specialized clinic has received more and more customers to experience the service. Below are the benefits when you choose Dr. Long’s Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Good quality service

Servicestretch the skin on the forehead of PKCK PTTM Dr. Long always ensures good quality. We own a modern machinery system, imported directly from famous brands, meeting standards required by the Ministry of Health. Thereby, the surgical process takes place smoothly, quickly and safely.

PKCK PTTM Bác sĩ Long chuyên cung cấp dịch vụ thẩm mỹ chuyên nghiệp, giá hợp lý

Highly specialized doctor

Dr. Long’s PTTM Clinic is a gathering place for talented and highly specialized doctors. Doctors are fully qualified and have many years of experience. Furthermore, the team of doctors regularly participates in professional training classes to improve their skills. They will always be ready to support customers on their path to conquering perfect beauty.


There are many people who have to spend a lot of money to tighten the skin on their forehead just to have a beautiful appearance and impress those around them. However, after surgery their appearance is not as expected. To avoid losing a lot of money and be cared for by talented doctors, please contact Dr. Long immediately. Service usage priceforehead tightening or other cosmetic services that are affordable, reasonable and committed to not increasing or decreasing erratically.

Chi phí phẫu thuật căng da vùng trán hợp lý 

Dedicated consultation

Doctor Long’s consulting and customer care staff are enthusiastic, thoughtful and dedicated. Just contact us, our staff will quickly advise you fully about the service. In addition, you also have the opportunity to receive many attractive promotions such as incentives for additional services, discounts on skin care products… Customers afterforehead tightening will receive professional warranty service from Dr. Long.

Note when using the service

Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM is a reputable unit that can help you improve skin defects and regain a beautiful appearance. However, any beauty method can have disadvantages or be ineffective if you do not pay attention to the following issues:

Bạn nên dành nhiều thời gian nghỉ ngơi sau khi phẫu thuật căng da vùng trán

  • Several weeks after your surgeryTighten the skin on the forehead Eyebrows may be raised higher than usual. However, don’t worry too much because this condition will gradually decrease over time.
  • After surgery, take more time to rest. You should only do exercise, sports, and vigorous activities after 10 to 14 days.
  • You need to avoid certain foods that affect the wound such as spinach, sticky rice, beef or seafood. Add foods rich in fiber and vitamins to help your body recover faster.
  • Do not take medication without instructions from your doctor.
  • After surgery, if you see any unusual signs, please contact your doctor for examination and correction.
  • Be sure to clean the surgical site properly to avoid infection.
  • You should drink enough water every day to keep your body healthy and your wounds to heal quickly. Note, only drink enough water, neither too much nor too little.

Forehead skin tightening is a good way to help women reduce wrinkles and regain a smooth, vibrant look. With successful surgery, you can look 5 to 10 years younger. However, to avoid unwanted problems, you need to follow your doctor’s advice. Please contact Dr. Long at bacsilong.com to get information related to the cosmetic service you choose.

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