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What is heart lip shaping? Where to get the most beautiful lip shape?

Do you want to have charming heart-shaped lips? So come to Dr. Long's cosmetic clinic to create a naturally beautiful heart-shaped lip shape for yourself right now.
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On each of our faces, lips are one of the important parts that greatly determine the overall aesthetic beauty. Accordingly, a charming pair of heart-shaped lips is considered the standard of beauty, helping the owner have a very charming smile. So what if you are not lucky enough to have that hidden charm? It’s very simple, you just need to contact Dr. Long cosmetic clinic to create heart lips for yourself. Coming to us, you will be carefully taken care of and informed about the cost of heart lip shaping at an extremely favorable price.

What is heart lip shaping?

Heart lip creation is a minor surgical method that helps shape the lips to a heart shape by making a small incision on the lips to remove skin muscle tissue and excess fat. After that, cosmetic experts will shape the perfect curve for the user. As follows:

  • For the upper lip: Doctors will use specialized medical tools to shorten and shrink the upper lip around the philtrum area. Then, create the ideal thickness for the lip area so that this part has the most perfect curve and contour.
  • For the lower lip: The cosmetic surgeon will shorten the lower lip and create a light line right at the philtrum area to create a safe, naturally beautiful heart-shaped lip.

Who should have their lips shaped like a heart?

Heart lip surgery is currently a recommended beauty treatment for the following subjects:

  • People with blurry, unclear lip lines make their face less sharp.
  • People with lips that are too thick or too thin make their face less attractive than usual.
  • Unlucky people have asymmetrical upper and lower lips, losing their inherent harmonious beauty.
  • People who have had surgery to correct their lip shape but did not have the aesthetic beauty they wanted.
  • People whose lips are congenitally deformed or deformed due to unexpected collisions and accidents while traveling on the road.

Steps to create heart-shaped lips you need to know

Although heart lip shaping is only a minor surgery, specialists also need to follow standard technical procedures to ensure high aesthetics and safety for users. So what steps are included in this process? We will find out together now:

Step 1: Conduct a general examination

Patients will be thoroughly examined by cosmetic doctors to determine the most suitable heart lip shaping solution. After that, you will be taken to have your pulse and blood pressure measured to make sure your body is ready for minor surgery when needed.

Step 2: Draw a heart lip shape for the user

Those with standard health conditions will be taken to the minor surgery room to begin the cosmetic lip shaping process. Here, leading experts in the industry will use brushes to sketch the desired lip shape but must also ensure the necessary golden ratio. Based on this, cosmetic doctors can accurately calibrate the lip shape for their patients.

Step 3: Proceed with lip anesthesia

In this step, the anesthesia technician will inject anesthetic into the minor surgery site. Wait until the anesthetic takes effect before the heart lip shaping technique is performed to avoid pain for the user.

Step 4: Create heart-shaped lips

Based on the cosmetic surgery protocol, specialists will apply appropriate techniques and methods to cut the heart lips for their patients. In general, these procedures often include shortening, shrinking the lips, creating perfect curves and contours for the user’s upper and lower lips.

Step 5: Medical care

After completing the lip reshaping surgery, the patient will be transferred to the post-operative room to receive attentive medical care. Here, your health status will be monitored so that any complications that occur can be promptly handled. If after two hours your health is still stable and normal, you will be allowed to go home and an appointment will be made for your follow-up examination.

Is creating heart lips dangerous?

As we can see, heart lip shaping is a minor surgery that is not too complicated. Therefore, it does not invade the user’s lip muscle tissue too much.

Instead, this beauty method only affects the outer lip mucosa when the doctor only uses a scalpel to make small incisions and corrections. The entire process only takes 30 to 60 minutes and is not long, so it does not cause you to lose blood or lose too much strength.

So it can be said that the heart lip shaping method is not at all dangerous to the user if it is performed at a reputable cosmetic clinic by highly skilled doctors. That is also the reason why you should carefully research the place that provides beauty services before performing it yourself.

Does creating heart lips cause exposed teeth and gums?

Currently, many people believe that the process of shaping heart lips, which includes shortening, shrinking, and creating curves on the lips, will cause the teeth and gums to become large and unattractive. But reality shows that the above cosmetic lip correction operations are not the cause of gummy gingivitis in users.

The truth is that your gums are only exposed during cosmetic lip augmentation for the following reasons:

  • The doctor performing the minor surgery had poor professional skills, causing the incisions to invade the lip mucosa, leading to unwanted damage.
  • Less reputable cosmetic facilities fail to provide a safe surgical environment that meets medical standards, leading to infections and serious complications.
  • Due to the unprofessional heart lip augmentation procedure being performed in conditions lacking surgical equipment and instruments that meet the standards of the Ministry of Health.
  • And finally, the person performing the cosmetic surgery did not care for the wound properly, causing the damaged lip area to scar for life.

How long does it take for a heart lip to heal?

According to specialists, the healing time after heart surgery will depend on each person’s constitution.

If you are a person with a benign condition, the recovery time for your lips will only last from 2 to 4 weeks. In the opposite case, it will take 1 to 3 months for the wound to heal completely.

How long does it take to create a heart-shaped lip before applying lipstick?

Applying lipstick too soon after lip cosmetic surgery will cause soft tissue damage and infect the surgical wound. Therefore, specialists often advise their patients to only apply lipstick 4 to 6 weeks after performing this minor surgery.

Where to get heart-shaped lips that are naturally beautiful and safe?

Fully meeting the above quality standards, Dr. Long beauty clinic has become an ideal meeting place for beauty lovers. Accordingly, we have successfully supported thousands of customers who want to create naturally beautiful and safe heart-shaped lips with:

  • Leading cosmetic experts in the industry master the examination, consultation and aesthetic lip shaping techniques using modern technology.
  • Advanced medical equipment and instruments are sterilized and sterilized before minor surgery for users.
  • Professional cosmetic services help quickly answer questions from dear customers.
  • Attentive medical care services help minimize dangerous complications after minor surgery for users.
  • Long-term warranty service helps you protect great benefits for yourself.
  • Most especially, Dr. Long also applies a preferential price list for heart lip shaping for all customers.
  • Along with that are many attractive promotions that we regularly deploy to thank our users.

So why haven’t you immediately contacted Dr. Long’s hotline? Countless service amenities are waiting for you to experience and enjoy for yourself.

How much does it cost to create heart lips at Dr. Long?

Currently, the price for creating heart lips at Dr. Long will fluctuate depending on the technology used, the condition of the user’s lips and the individual requirements of each customer using the cosmetic service. But in general, this number will range from 10 million VND to 16 million VND/shift or a little more.

Customers who want a more accurate quote for heart lip shaping should schedule a visit at our cosmetic facility. Doctors, after a thorough examination, will provide a suitable lip shaping solution and a reasonable number to go with it.


Believe that the above useful information has helped you understand modern cosmetic techniques and how much does a heart lip job cost? This is truly a lifesaver for those who own unattractive lips and want to improve their aesthetic beauty. If you also fall into the above situation, then contact Dr. Long cosmetic clinic to have heart lips created right now.

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