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Chin fat grafting – Technique to create a perfect V-line chin for women

What is the cosmetic method of chin fat grafting and what are its benefits are the keywords many people search for. The following article will bring you the most detailed answer!
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Possessing a face with a V-line chin is the beauty standard many women aim for today. In the field of cosmetic surgery, there are many ways to own a slim, harmonious chin. But the methodChin fat grafting It is most favored by women because of its optimal effectiveness and limited invasiveness. Specifically, what is the chin fat grafting method and what are its advantages? Let’s follow the article to get the answer!

Learn about chin fat grafting service

Chin fat grafting is a technique that uses excess fat from areas of your body such as your abdomen, thighs, etc. to transplant into your chin. Fat after suction on the body will be centrifuged, selectively extracted the purest fat tissue and then injected into the chin. The quality of autologous fat tissue greatly affects the effectiveness of chin fat grafting services. Requires adipose tissue to be of high quality and compatible with the new location. At the same time, there must be continuous cell multiplication to ensure that the amount of fat is not eliminated but is always stable in the transplant area.

Chin fat grafting technology performed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon helps visibly rejuvenate the face. Overcoming the defects of short chin, cleft chin…bringing a more harmonious, youthful face to women.

Benefits of chin fat grafting

MethodChin fat grafting favored by most women because it brings many advantages, specifically:

  • Take your own body fat and inject it into your chin. Thanks to that, it increases compatibility and easily integrates with the existing fat system. Limits the elimination of fat tissue over time, which affects health.
  • Transplanted fat cells have a very high ability to survive and continue to proliferate in the new location. They contribute to the repair of broken epithelial bonds to create lasting rejuvenation results.
  • Process execution timeChin fat graftingless than 1 hour. Quick and easy procedures are also advantages of this method. Customers only need to rest for 5-7 days and their body will return to its normal state with a beautiful chin.
  • Inject autologous fat into the chin through very small injections. Therefore, it does not cause pain or discomfort and leaves no trace of intervention.
  • Double the benefits of both reducing fat in excess areas and filling fat in lacking areas. You can remove excess fat on unwanted parts.

Professional chin fat grafting procedure

To serviceChin fat grafting achieve high efficiency and ensure customer safety. Each transplant must go through the following 6 basic steps:

Step 1: A specialist conducts a preliminary examination and evaluates the condition of chin fat deficiency.

Step 2: Comprehensive health check. The doctor performed a number of tests and scans to make sure he was in good health and did not have any diseases that contraindicated chin fat grafting. If you meet the hospital’s conditions, you can have the chin fat injection procedure performed.

Step 3: The doctor localizes the areas that need intervention. That is the area lacking fat tissue and the area where fat is removed according to the customer’s wishes. For example: liposuction on the abdomen, waist or thighs… At the same time, the doctor also measures the amount of fat that needs to be removed for transplantation.

Step 4: Perform anesthesia or pre-anesthesia. So that customers do not feel the pain, it helps the correction procedure go smoothly and conveniently in a short time while still ensuring optimal results.

Step 5: Perform surgery. The doctor will take autologous fat from the previously marked area and process it using a centrifuge. The goal is to get the healthiest pure fat. Next, the doctor will inject this quality fat into the missing chin in the most skillful way.

Step 6: Care after chin fat grafting. ProgressChin fat grafting In the end, you can be discharged from the hospital the same day if your body is healthy. Or lie down and rest in the post-operative room under the care and dressing changes of medical staff at the hospital. The doctor will come to the room for regular checkups and assess your level of recovery.

Chin fat grafting and frequently asked questions

Chin augmentation with autologous fat is a complete solution to overcome facial defects. Revolving around this method are dozens of questions discussed by women on forums, including:

Who should and should not get chin fat grafting?

Implantation techniqueChin fat grafting Women are encouraged to use it by leading cosmetic doctors because of its safety and high effectiveness. However, before that, please make sure that you are qualified to do soChin fat grafting. Cases where chin fat grafting is indicated are:

  • People who reach the prescribed age, at least 18 years old or older, have many fatty parts such as the abdomen, hips, waist…
  • People with defects on the chin such as short chin, receding chin…
  • People who do not have underlying cardiovascular, blood pressure, respiratory diseases…
  • People who want to have a slim, natural chin without complicated surgery.

Chin fat injection procedure is contraindicated for the following subjects:

  • Pregnant women.
  • People with blood clotting disorders and lipid metabolism disorders.
  • Have underlying diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure, blood fat, diabetes, and respiratory disease.
  • Consider for women who are on their period and are mentally unstable.

Does chin fat grafting cause swelling and pain? How long does it take to go away?

After implantation, your chin will be slightly swollen and feel mild pain. This condition only lasts for the first 2-3 days and the pain will gradually decrease and completely disappear. This is a normal reaction of the body so you don’t need to worry too much. After surgery, the doctor will prescribe some anti-edema and anti-inflammatory drugs. You just need to take the medicine as prescribed and the swelling will quickly go away and your chin will return to the standard V-line shape.

Does chin fat grafting have long-term results?

Autologous fat cells go through a standard screening process to get the healthiest fat particles. This fat essence can easily integrate and proliferate strongly at the new location. They contribute to building bonds with broken tissues, creating homogeneous cells. Effectiveimplant Chin fat grafting Can be maintained for 5 – 10 years depending on your scientific diet and thoughtful skin care activities.

Does chin fat grafting cause any complications?

The mechanism of the chin fat injection technique is precisely to move fat from one part of the body to another. This method has been verified and applied by leading experts in the field of aesthetics nationwide. This is a minimally invasive procedure, ensuring safety and long-term effectiveness on the body.

Note on care after chin fat grafting

  • Use a cotton ball soaked in physiological saline to gently clean the chin area. Avoid going out in dusty environments, which increases the possibility of infection. It is best to limit water contact during the first day.
  • Do not touch frequently or exert strong impact on the areaChin fat grafting.
  • Change the dressing at the fat extraction site and injection site as directed by your doctor.
  • Avoid foods that easily leave scars or cause itching at the injection site, such as chicken, beef, spinach, etc. Stimulating drinks should absolutely be discontinued during this time.
  • Encourage eating foods that are easy to swallow, and limit chewing that affects the chin.
  • Take medicine as prescribed by your doctor, don’t forget to have regular check-ups.

PKCK PTTM Dr. Long – Reputable address for chin fat grafting

Chin augmentation surgery is a solution to promote beauty without plastic surgery. Doctor Long Plastic Surgery is a reputable unit that many women choose to performChin fat grafting because of the following advantages:

Optimal fat grafting technology brings high results

At PKCK PTTM, Dr. Long uses the technology to remove excess fat by cannula and extract it by centrifuge to select the most excellent fat particles. Then inject fat into the chin with America’s most advanced MAFT-Gun pump, helping the entire amount of fat move into the new area precisely.

Professional, highly skilled doctor

Doctor Long’s team of doctors at Plastic Surgery Center are those with many years of experience in the profession. They have been seriously trained and have participated in large cosmetic projects in Korea, America… These are countries with a strongly developed cosmetic technology industry today. PKCK PTTM Dr. Long promises to help customers enhance their beauty with neat, beautiful chins through fat injection procedures using stem cells.

Modern facilities and equipment

Modern facilities and equipment that meet the standards of the Ministry of Health are the values ​​Dr. Long brings to customers. Thanks to this advanced equipment, all stages of centrifugation and fat extraction at Dr. Long’s PTTM Clinic always take place smoothly and accurately.

There is a service warranty after fat grafting

After recovering and returning home, customers always receive attention from the medical staff and doctors of Dr. Long. The unit also deploys an after-sales warranty package for customers regarding the quality of chin fat creation services. This is a huge incentive to help customers feel secure and confident when performing surgery at the clinic.


Above is all information surrounding the serviceChin fat grafting is attracting many people’s attention. If you are looking to experience high aesthetic technology, come to Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM by calling the hotline.0908.493.008. You will be assured of the true doctor’s qualifications and satisfied with the quality of services the clinic provides.


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