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  • Correction of receding chin: Solution to help women own the golden ratio face angle

Correction of receding chin: Solution to help women own the golden ratio face angle

What is receding chin correction? Which receding chin correction methods are popular? A reputable receding chin correction address that you should know about will be revealed right in this article.
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Correction of receding chin It is a modern cosmetic method favored by many women. This method helps women quickly overcome chin defects, improve proportions and enhance facial contours naturally. So what is receding chin correction? When should I get a receding chin corrected? Where can you get a beautiful, reputable, and economical place to correct a receding chin? This article by Dr. Long will give you detailed answers.

What is a receding chin?

Receding chin is a term used to refer to cases where the chin is short, small, and lacks protrusion, causing the overall face to become unbalanced. Basically, a receding chin does not affect health but greatly affects aesthetics, easily making “sufferers” become self-conscious and unable to show off their beauty.

Signs of receding chin

A short chin does not always mean a receding chin. People are called receding chins when they possess the following characteristics:

  • The chin is short, small and shallow, when viewed from the side the chin is almost invisible.
  • Little or no jawline (the boundary between the chin and neck).
  • The skin in the chin and mouth areas is swollen, and many wrinkles appear around the mouth area.
  • The jaw is protruded and pushed outward.

Những dấu hiệu nhận biết cằm lẹm nhanh thông qua quan sát gương mặt

Signs of receding chin quickly through observing the face

Causes of receding chin

There are many causes leading to a receding chin. Among them, the most common causes are the following:

  • Receding chin is caused by genetics: If a family member has a receding chin, this trait can be passed on to children at a high rate.
  • Chin injury: Some injuries to the chin area can cause the lower jaw to recede and the lower jaw to be underdeveloped, causing a receding chin.
  • Chin backward: This condition is caused by inflammation or fusion of the temporomandibular joint and often appears in elderly people.
  • Micrognathia syndrome: This is a syndrome in which the sufferer will have an underdeveloped lower jaw, the lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw. Micrognathia syndrome can develop independently or be caused by genetic genes.

Some other causes include bite misalignment, dental problems, and damaged molars leading to a missing lower chin.

Should I have surgery to correct a receding chin?

Correct receding chin is the desire of many women to help themselves escape the pain of a receding chin. Correcting a receding chin not only brings many benefits in terms of appearance, changes appearance, brings confidence and many opportunities for personal development, but also helps improve many health problems, especially health. about teeth. Correcting a receding chin helps correct bite misalignment and helps you eat better. Oral hygiene also becomes easier when the jawbone becomes balanced.

Chỉnh cằm lẹm đem lại nhiều lợi ích về ngoại hình và sức khỏe cho chính chủ

Correcting a receding chin brings many benefits in terms of appearance and health to the owner

In addition, according to folk beliefs about physiognomy, correcting the defect of a receding chin also helps change feng shui. The face becomes delicate and neat, the facial features are bright and clear, creating a good appearance, attracting wealth and impressing the opposite person.

Popular methods of correcting a receding chin

Have a lot ofHow to correct receding chin currently applied. Among them, the most popular include the following 3 methods:

Receding chin surgery

Receding chin surgery is the methodcorrect receding chin most commonly used today. The advantages of this method are fast effectiveness, many choices, and long-term use. However, this is a highly invasive method, so it is often applied to people over 18 years old and in good health.

Receding chin surgery is not too complicated but still requires a skilled and experienced practitioner. At the same time, the implementation facility must meet the standards of facilities and equipment according to medical standards. Therefore, when undergoing receding chin surgery, you need to go to a reputable address to ensure the most satisfactory results.

Chin augmentation surgery with artificial cartilage is often recommended by doctors in cases of severe receding of the chin. After surgery, you need time for care, monitoring and rest as prescribed by your doctor.

Correction of receding chin with autologous bone

Correction of receding chin Autologous bone is the best choice in cases of moderate receding chin or more. The method of performing this method is similar to the chin augmentation surgery above. However, instead of using fillers, the doctor will take advantage of the bone in the patient’s body for fillers/implants. This is a very complex technique, requiring the practitioner to be highly qualified and experienced.

Một số phương pháp chỉnh cằm lẹm được sử dụng phổ biến hiện nay

Several methods for correcting a receding chin are commonly used today

Due to the use of autologous boneHow to correct receding chin This has higher safety thanks to good compatibility. After surgery, you need to abstain and rest according to the doctor’s instructions so that your chin quickly takes shape, recovers quickly, and does not leave scars.

Correction of receding chin with autologous fat grafting

Besides autologous bone implantation, autologous fat implantation to plump the chin is also a popular choice. The doctor will use fat tissue from the body (abdomen, hips, waist,…) to implant into the defective chin area. From there, improve the receding chin without affecting the jaw structure.

This method of correcting a receding chin is classified as a non-invasive beauty treatment. Autologous fat grafting produces the desired results while still ensuring naturalness and perfection on the face. In addition, due to the use of autologous fat, the compatibility rate is high and there are few complications, so it is favored by many women. However, if you want to maintain the standard chin shape over time, it needs to be re-done periodically as prescribed by your doctor.

Filler injection to correct receding chin

Correction of receding chin Filler injection is popular with many women because of its fast and cost-effective results. This method is often used for cases of mildly receding chin. The doctor will check and outline the locations that need to be injected with filler to shape the chin and overcome the disadvantage of a receding chin.

The filler injection method is non-invasive so it is suitable for many people. However, for children, this method still needs to be considered. Time to perform filler injectioncorrect receding chin Pretty quick and painless. After the procedure, there is no need to rest or abstain as much as with invasive surgery. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not durable and needs to be “restored” to maintain the desired chin shape.

Dr. Long – Beautiful, painless receding chin correction

Possessing good infrastructure, modern equipment and a team of highly specialized doctors and nurses, Dr. Long Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is a destination visited by many beauty enthusiasts who want to correct a receding chin.

Modern equipment facilities

PKCK Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Long has invested heavily in infrastructure and medical equipment. This not only helps Dr. Long meet standards from the Department of Health but also helps customers access the latest beauty equipment and technology. Thereby improving beauty quality and customer experience. Customers feel more secure when performing cosmetic services here.

Bác Sĩ Long - Địa chỉ chỉnh cằm lẹm uy tín được nhiều chị em tin tưởng lựa chọn

Dr. Long – A reputable address for correcting receding chins that many women trust and choose

A team of good, experienced doctors

The team of doctors at PKCK Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Long possesses good professional qualifications and extensive experience. The professional capacity of the medical team and doctors is not only demonstrated through diplomas but also recognized through prestigious medical and aesthetic awards. For many years in a row, Dr. Long has always ranked high in the list of votes from customers.

Doctors at PKCK Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Long also regularly improve their professional skills and update new beauty trends and technology. Thanks to that, we can help customers feel more secure and comfortable while using the service here.

Professional consulting and customer care

Consulting and customer care at PKCK Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Long is always highly appreciated for his professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm. Customers are listened to and supported with advice both offline and online. In particular, Dr. Long also has a long-term customer care policy, creating close relationships with customers.

Chỉnh cằm lẹm uy tín, tối ưu chi phí tại Bác Sĩ Long

Reputable receding chin correction, optimal cost at Dr. Long

Reasonable cost for correcting a receding chin

The cost of receding chin correction at PKCK Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Long is extremely reasonable. The cost table is transparent and clear, making it easy for customers to follow. In addition to soft costs, Dr. Long also regularly applies promotions and incentives for all customers. Thanks to that, we help customers use high-quality beauty services at optimal costs.

Receding chin correction procedure at Dr. Long

Procedurecorrect receding chin at Dr. Long is performed professionally with the following standard steps:

Step 1: Check the status and advise customers

Customers are supported by doctors to check their health and actual chin condition as a basis for consultation. During the consultation process, customers can directly discuss their wishes and preferences with the doctor. From there, provide the most suitable implementation direction for each customer.

Step 2: Create an outline to correct a receding chin

After consulting and agreeing on the method with the customer, the doctors will proceed to create a scale outlinecorrect receding chin, adjusting the size of cartilage implants, etc. Customers will be consulted in advance about facial changes and visualize the results before implementation.

Step 3: Proceed to correct receding chin

You will be anesthetized by the doctors so you will not feel any pain during the procedure. Depending on each person’s actual situation, implementation time will vary. Average of 1 surgerycorrect receding chin will last from 45 minutes – 120 minutes.

Quy trình chỉnh cằm lẹm tiêu chuẩn tại PKCK Phẫu Thuật Thẩm Mỹ Bác Sĩ Long

Standard receding chin correction procedure at PKCK Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Long

Step 4: Check results and advise customers

The doctor will carefully check the results to ensure the customer feels satisfied. The performing doctor will also instruct customers on how to care for and rest at home so that the chin can recover quickly and have a beautiful shape.


At this point, Dr. Long has helped you solve the problems of receding chin and receding chincorrect receding chin. Hope this information will be useful to readers. Contact Dr. Long immediately if customers need advice or use high-tech cosmetic services at PKCK Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Long!


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