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Eyebrow Lift – Retains youth for sagging eyes

Eyebrow Lift - Also known as Eyebrow Lift. The most effective method to retain youth for sagging eyes, helping to overcome excess skin, drooping eyelids, and crow's feet. Restore your eyes to their youthful beauty.
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Eyebrow Lift – Also known asEyebrow lift. The most effective method to retain youth for sagging eyes, helping to overcome excess skin, drooping eyelids, and crow’s feet. Restore your eyes to their youthful beauty.


Signs of aging on the face often appear first on the forehead and eyes. Accordingly, the eyebrows will sag, lose vitality and become older. This unintentionally makes many people feel self-conscious and feel guilty in communication.

Beautyraise eyebrows is a beauty technology received and transferred directly from abroad to help all customers get naturally beautiful results, safely and quickly, bringing youthfulness and brightness to the face.

What is a sagging eyebrow lift?

Eyebrow lift is a method performed according to modern Korean cosmetic technology. This is a minor surgery performed quite simply, with the technique of removing a portion of excess skin and excess fat on the eyelids and below the eyebrows then Fixed it higher.

In processeyebrow lift surgery, the doctors willHow to lift eyebrows? In fact, this leg lift is very simple, the doctor will remove part of the eyebrow line to help erase wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, making the eyes wider, more flexible and more youthful. The eyebrow line will be redesigned higher and the incision will be cleverly hidden close to the eyebrow arch so the scar after cosmetic surgery will not be visible. Aftereyebrow lift,After about 1 month, you can combine eyebrow tattooing or embroidery to create new eyebrows and cover old scars. (See more: Double eyelid surgery)

Why should you use the sagging eyebrow lift service?

Simple minor surgery: Eyebrow lift is a minor surgery that helps Remove excess skin and eye fat More thoroughly, this technique mainly works on the eyelid areaRaise your eyebrows highso it is very safe and does not cause damage or complications to surrounding areas.

Natural and aesthetically pleasing eyebrows: using modern techniques and specialized surgical instruments,raise eyebrows helps remove excess skin and fat in a precise and balanced way because it has been measured by a doctor in advance, ensuring a soft, natural and highly aesthetic eyebrow shape.

No downtime required: Eyebrow lift is carried out in a short time, only takes about 20-30 minutes to perform, affects the outside of the skin, so after eyebrow lift there will be no recovery time and will not affect daily activities.

How much does a brow lift cost?

Eyebrow lift is a solution to significantly overcome the aging process when reaching middle age, causing the skin on the forehead and corners of the eyes of women to sag and have a lot of loose skin. However, a big issue that women still worry about is costHow much does eyebrow lift cost? How much does eyebrow lift cost?. It can be said that, currently on the market, the costeyebrow lift price There will be different fluctuations, depending on the doctor’s technique, facilities, after-sales service, surgery location…

If you want to know exactlyHow much does it cost to lift eyebrows?It’s best to come to the center or call the address Dr. long eyebrow liftreputation and quality for price referenceraise eyebrows.

Prestigious eyebrow lift address in Ho Chi Minh City

Reality,raise eyebrows is a simple beauty method, but if you are not careful and research before choosing an addressWhere is a good place to lift your eyebrows?, you may unfortunately have an ugly, unbalanced eyebrow shape that will quickly sag again due to the process.endoscopic eyebrow lift perform incorrect technique.

Currently, if you want to determine the addressWhere is a good place to lift your eyebrows?Prestige and quality. You should learn from the experiences of your predecessors, especially to fully meet the following criteria:

Good team of professional doctors: This is a prerequisite when choosing reputable beauty centers beforeraise eyebrows. Therefore, a reliable address needs to have a team of good cosmetic doctors, with a good eye for orienting cosmetic carpets for customers, and extensive experience in thousands of surgeries to bring about results. The best, most beautiful surgery suitable for each person.

Modern facilities: In addition to a team of highly specialized doctors and nurses, a beautiful and quality eyebrow lift center must always fully meet the conditions of modern machinery and material facilities. Because in addition to investing in infrastructure, modern machinery and technology will also contribute to determining the success or failure of the results.raise eyebrows. In addition, with the support of specialized medical instruments, eyebrow lift methods such as: lift eyebrows with thread, lift eyebrows with botox…will be made easier and safer.

Long-term warranty, professional care service: A reputable cosmetic surgery center must be a place where customers always receive dedicated care from a team of professional specialists. In addition, long-term and thoughtful cosmetic service warranties also help strengthen customers’ peace of mind and trust, affirming the distinct service quality of beauty salon centers.

Brow lift surgery procedure at Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM

Eyebrow lift at Dr. Long beauty salonhas long been trusted and chosen by thousands of customers as the perfect beauty address in Ho Chi Minh City. Not only does it fully meet the criteria for a quality cosmetic address, Dr. Long Beauty Salon is also famous as a center with professional eyebrow lift surgery procedures in accordance with the standards of the Department of Health. Surgical procedurePKCK PTTM Dr. LongGo through the following steps:

Step 1: Examination and specific advice about the eye condition of each specific subject. Outline and design the new eyebrow line so that the customer can determine and visualize the shape of the eyebrow after surgery.

Step 2: Check health and prepare sterile surgical instruments to ensure customer safety during surgery.

Step 3: Anesthetize the area requiring surgery.

Step 4: The doctor and his team proceed to remove excess skin, eyelid fat and puffinessraise eyebrows raised according to the previously measured and drawn position.

Step 5: Cosmetic stitching and cleaning after completionDr. Long’s eyebrow lift.

Step 6: Prescribe medication and provide wound care instructionsraise eyebrows.

To learn about the serviceraise eyebrows sagging as well as other cosmetic services such as: double eyelid surgery, eyelid surgery, cartilage rhinoplasty, endoscopic breast augmentation… at Dr. Long Plastic Surgery Clinic, please contact hotline: 0908 493 008 or come directly for more support.


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In order to further improve customer experience, in the near future, Dr. Long will officially introduce ASIA SAIGON International Dental and Aesthetic Hospital. Located at 314-316-318 Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 1, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, the hospital is expected to open in mid-2024, providing a new space with luxurious and spacious infrastructure. , promises to be the ideal destination for those who are looking for perfection and optimal beauty care.