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Does jaw bone removal have any effect? Reputable surgery address

Jaw bone removal helps women regain a more youthful, radiant and beautiful appearance. Detailed procedures will be provided in the article below by Dr. Long.
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In modern society, more and more people are interested in beauty treatments with the desire to preserve youthfulness. Among them, methodjaw bone removal is one of the ideal choices, helping women have a slimmer, more elegant face. Who should perform this beauty method? The article below, Dr. Long will help you answer the question.

Who is the jaw bone removal service for?

Everyone wants to have a perfect, beautiful appearance, but not everyone has natural beauty. Many people want to have a delicate facejaw bone removal. However, this method is only suitable for some people.

Learn about how to trim the jaw bone

Each person’s facial structure is different. Some people are born with natural beauty and balanced senses, but others are not so lucky. Now, the methodjaw bone removal Used to slim and balance the face. Doctors will perform surgery according to the following basic steps:

Gọt xương hàm sẽ giúp khuôn mặt thon gọn, xinh đẹp hơn

  • To access the jaw bone, the doctor performs surgery on the thin lining of the lower jaw.
  • Start the dissection process at the maxillofacial bones on both sides and determine the removal location.

Time to perform surgeryjaw bone removal usually lasts within 2 hours. After that, the doctors sutured the incision and used pressure bandages to stabilize the face.

Who should use the service?

Currently, methodjaw bone removal widely used, bringing many benefits to women. The following subjects should use this method:

  • People whose faces are broken or misaligned.
  • People with short, rough faces, large, wide, and overdeveloped jawbones.
  • People with facial distortion due to trauma should also have jaw surgery.
  • Faces with high cheekbones will make women feel less confident when appearing. Let’s use the methodjaw bone removal to overcome this drawback.

Some groups of people who should not use this method include breastfeeding women, pregnant women, people under 18 years old, people with blood diseases, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. .

Is jaw bone removal dangerous?

Although it brings many benefits, many people wonder about the safety of the method, wondering if it causes any danger after implementation. This method involves surgical intervention, directly affecting the jawbone. However, besides the aesthetic benefits, this method also has some potential complications if the wrong surgery location is chosen.

Gọt xương hàm an toàn nếu như bạn chọn được địa chỉ phẫu thuật uy tín

Some women, after having their jaw bone removed incorrectly, are susceptible to infection, distorted mouth, chronic headaches, loss of ability to express emotions… Therefore, the best way is to choose a reputable address to avoid risks. PKCK PTTM Dr. Long will help you get the most perfect face. Information about the service you can see at the website https://bacsilong.com.

Jaw bone removal process

As said, processjaw bone removal go through many different steps. Customers will be carefully examined by doctors before surgery to ensure safety. Below are the steps you can refer to:

  • Examination and testing: You will be examined, have a clinical examination, have blood and urine tests, measure blood pressure… Then the doctor will introduce the process.jaw bone removal for you, then use a pen to determine the facial surgery locations.
  • General anesthesia: The doctor injects anesthetic to ensure the surgical process goes more smoothly. You should not eat or drink 8 hours before surgery.
  • Start trimming the jaw bone: The doctor makes a cut in the mouth according to the previously determined line. This process needs to be performed by a highly qualified doctor to avoid leaving scars and ensure safety.
  • Restructuring the face: Specialized machines are used to cut the jawline, creating roundness for the face.
  • Closing the incision: The incision is sutured and a pressure bandage is used to stabilize the skeleton. The patient is transferred to the post-operative care room. The doctor conducts health monitoring and checks the surgical wound. When the patient meets all safety indicators, they will be cared for at home.

Note, you need to follow your doctor’s advice and go for examination on schedule. Do not use medication without a prescription to avoid unwanted complications.

Benefits when choosing jaw bone removal service at Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM

Dr. Long Plastic Surgery Clinic is a reputable cosmetic facility with many years of experience. The clinic has a full operating license and commitments to good quality and safety for customers’ health. Here are the benefits you will get when choosing our services.

Service quality is always emphasized

PKCK PTTM Dr. Long always considers customers as gods. All services provided not only help improve appearance but also ensure safety. Equipment for the surgical process meets the standards of the Ministry of Health. Thereby, the process of jaw bone removal will take place faster and more accurately.

PKCK PTTM Bác sĩ Long cung cấp dịch vụ gọt xương hàm chất lượng cao 

Team of highly specialized doctors

The team of doctors at the clinic are qualified and experienced. Doctors are sent to study for specialized training and to improve their skills. Therefore, when performing surgeryjaw bone removal, you can rest assured because the doctor always closely follows every process until the incision is completely healed.

Good cost, suitable for all subjects

How much does jaw bone removal cost?? The cost of using the jaw bone removal service is always something customers are especially concerned about. At Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM, customers can be completely assured because the price we offer is always the most reasonable price. Price is informed to customers after checking the surface structure. Any customer questions are answered in detail and accurately.

Professional after-sales service

The jaw bone removal process is carried out professionally, following many different steps. When customers choose the service, they will not only be examined before surgery and followed closely during the procedure, but will also receive post-operative care from medical staff. If any unusual signs occur in your body, please ask medical staff for the fastest assistance.

Khách hàng sau khi gọt xương hàm sẽ được hưởng dịch vụ hậu mãi chuyên nghiệp

What do you need to prepare when trimming the jaw bone?

Surgeryjaw bone removalIf you want to be successful, you need to prepare everything well. In particular, the following issues are very important:

  • Please bring enough identification documents before starting surgery.
  • Please do general tests as requested by your doctor to ensure there are no unexpected problems occurring. You may be prescribed an electrocardiogram to see if your health and cardiovascular condition is stable.
  • 2 weeks before surgery, you should not use anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil and Motrin. This medicine easily causes blood thinning, increasing the risk of internal bleeding.
  • Do not smoke before surgery because it will greatly affect the wound recovery process and increase the risk of necrosis.
  • You will have problems chewing food for 1 week after surgery. Prioritize liquid dishes such as smoothies, porridge, soup or soft pureed fruit…
  • Relax your facial muscles before surgery to make the surgery successful faster.

Taking care of your body after surgery

Choosing a good, quality surgery service with a highly qualified doctor is one thing, but post-surgery care is also something you need to pay attention to to make the recovery process happen faster. Besides advice from doctors, people having surgery also need to know how to take care of themselves at home. Specifically:

Sau khi phẫu thuật nên ăn cháo hoặc sinh tố để không làm ảnh hưởng đến vết thương

  • After jaw surgery, your face may appear swollen. To fix it, consult your doctor to apply hot or cold compresses suitable for your condition.
  • Please abstain properly, do not use beer, alcohol or stimulants for at least 7 days after surgery. These substances will greatly affect the effectiveness of the jaw bone removal process and also cause some complications.
  • Be sure not to subject the wound to impact or strong forces. The surgery person should not play sports or be overly active in the early stages of surgery. From 3 to 5 days later, you should only eat liquid, soft foods, do not chew too hard and avoid smiling.
  • Use salt water to clean the outside of the wound to prevent infection.

Normally, when taking care of your body properly, it only takes about 5 to 7 days for you to be able to function normally. After 3 months, the incision will completely heal and your face will become more balanced.

Jaw bone removal is a useful surgical method, bringing a perfect appearance to the face. The method helps overcome defects such as broken face, large jawbone, rough face, uneven face… creating a more beautiful, slimmer beauty. Doctor Long provides high quality services, a highly specialized doctor, and many years of experience. For all service information available at bacsilong.com, please contact the medical staff to help you schedule the most appropriate appointment.


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