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Consulting on the safest and most effective abdominal liposuction: See now

Possessing a slim waist is a great desire of women. Therefore, Dr. Long has provided safe and effective abdominal liposuction consulting services for everyone.
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Do you have a fatty waist that makes you feel extremely self-conscious? Do you want to remove the thick fat around your waist so you can comfortably wear sexier outfits? Then contact Dr. Long today to get itAbdominal liposuction consultation Safe and effective at the hospital meeting current medical standards. We are always ready to welcome customers across 63 provinces and cities.

Brief introduction about abdominal liposuction method

At today’s large and small beauty salons, servicesAbdominal liposuction consultation Professionalism is receiving great popularity from many Eva women. Because this is considered the optimal method to help people get a slim and slim waist quickly in the shortest possible time.

More specifically, abdominal liposuction is a method of removing excess fat in the waist area using surgical operations combined with a specialized vacuum machine. You do not need to abstain from eating or exercise regularly to still have an extremely slim waist.

It is known that this beauty method has been around the world since 1921. Up to now, it has attracted millions of users globally.

So it can be said that this is an extremely popular cosmetic method. It is being widely implemented in hospitals that meet modern medical standards to ensure high safety for a large number of users.

Current methods of abdominal liposuction

Since appearing on the market until now,Abdominal liposuction methods Continuously improved in the direction of modernization to increase maximum efficiency for users. Which includes:

Traditional method

With traditional liposuction, doctors will use a needle and syringe to inject salt solution directly into the second ring to remove fat. At the same time, inject two different drugs here to relieve pain and narrow blood vessels for the user.

Next, leading experts will use a surgical knife to make a few small incisions on the abdomen to insert one end of the liposuction tube. The other end of the suction tube will be connected to a high-pressure vacuum machine to suck out excess fat and other liquids.

UAL method

UAL liposuction method is also known by the common name ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Accordingly, cosmetic doctors will apply ultrasound vibrations to create an ideal source of impulses to destroy fat cells and separate fat from cell membranes.

Then, the liquefied fat will be removed from the body using a leading modern Vaser vacuum machine. Thanks to that, swelling, pain and redness are kept to a minimum, helping you shorten the recovery process.

LAL method

LAL method or Laser liposuction is also one of the extremely modern cosmetic methods that is very trusted. Because it shows high efficiency in removing excess fat but does not affect the user’s health.

To do this, cosmetic doctors will perform the necessary medical procedures to insert the Laser fiber into the location of the small cut. Under the influence of laser fibers, fat will be destroyed and liquefied. Finally, it will be sucked out of the body by a small tube with a fairly thin texture.

PAL power assisted liposuction method

In addition to the three liposuction methods mentioned above, we also have another advanced method called PAL powered liposuction. For this method, leading experts in the industry will use a small tube to create the necessary vibration force in the second round to liquefy excess fat. Thanks to that, fat can be removed from the body much easier and faster.

In addition, the PAL method is also widely popular because of its precise liposuction ability to help minimize invasive lesions. You will not feel too much pain or discomfort during the process of the straw working in your body.

Review of abdominal liposuction in detail

At reputable cosmetic hospitals, the abdominal liposuction procedure will be performed with many different steps. You should carefully consider what you will experience to decideShould I have liposuction or not? When you need to lose weight and stay in shape:

  • Step 1: After going through the examination, consultation and health check process, patients eligible for liposuction will be taken to the minor surgery room. Here, your butt will be cleaned, disinfected and disinfected.
  • Step 2: Depending on each person’s health condition, doctors will give general anesthesia via inhalation or intravenous injection.
  • Step 3: The doctor continues to administer local anesthesia in the minor surgery area to reduce unwanted bleeding and damage. Next, the cosmetic experts will make small incisions on the abdomen, insert a suction tube to create impulses to liquefy the fat and then suck it out.
  • Step 4: After liposuction is completed, the tip of the suction tube will be pulled out so that the doctors can sew up the incision on the abdomen to make it aesthetically pleasing.
  • Step 5: The patient is taken to the post-operative room for health monitoring and is released when his condition has completely stabilized.

Should I have liposuction or not?

ThroughAbdominal liposuction review shows that this beauty method has a rather complicated procedure. But that’s also why it is highly effective in removing excess fat in the second round to create hot curves for users. You don’t need to fast or exercise too much to still have your ideal body.

But you also need to know that after the anesthetic wears off, the second ring may be swollen for a long time. In many other cases, skin pigmentation changes and reduces the elasticity of the skin around this area.

However, the above situation will be significantly limited if you contact a reputable cosmetic clinic to perform safe minor surgery. So it can be said that this is still the ideal choice if you can find a top, reliable place for belly liposuction.

Some complications of liposuction you need to know

Similar to any beauty method, liposuction also has some typical complications such as:

  • Vascular complications lead to fat embolism and pulmonary embolism.
  • Lidocaine poisoning causes the patient to fall into a coma and paralyze the mouth.
  • Prolonged infection leads to pus in the surgical wound, swelling, pain, and severe necrosis.
  • Even organ perforation puts the patient’s life in immediate danger.

Go to Dr. Long – Safe abdominal liposuction consultation

If you do not want to face the unpredictable complications mentioned above, please contact Dr. Long immediatelyAbdominal liposuction consultation safe. With many years of experience in the profession, our team of specialists will help customers get the best advice. At the same time, navigate users to liposuction at a hospital that meets current medical standards.

It is also important that Dr. Long always provides timely medical support to help users shorten the recovery process. Thanks to that, the liposuctioned area does not suffer from swelling, pain, and prolonged redness that affects everyone’s daily activities.

So why haven’t you called Dr. Long right away? Our team of industry-leading experts is ready to serve customers across provinces and cities.

Things to keep in mind after liposuction for yourself

After a complex abdominal liposuction procedure, you need to pay attention to the following things to help the incision heal quickly and recover:

  • Monitor your health carefully to detect abnormalities as soon as possible.
  • Take pain relievers, anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory medications as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Change surgical wound dressings and clean them regularly to avoid prolonged infection.
  • Increase rest and limit vigorous activities that make the injury passive.
  • Absolutely abstain from foods that make wounds heal slowly and easily leave scars such as beef, chicken, seafood, water spinach and dark soy sauce,…
  • Do not use stimulants that are harmful to your health because they will slow down the recovery process.

Consult the latest prices for abdominal liposuction

Currently,belly liposuction price At reputable cosmetic hospitals, it will vary depending on the area needing liposuction, the procedure and service policy of each place. This number usually ranges from a few tens of millions of VND to hundreds of millions of VND for a safe minor surgery.

So it’s best to contact a reliable cosmetic facility to get detailed service informationHow much does belly liposuction cost? money? Here, cosmetic doctors will conduct examinations and thoroughly advise on beauty costs for everyone.


Hopefully the informationAbdominal liposuction consultation The above has helped you get the most general overview of this modern beauty method. If you have a fat, oversized butt, please contact Dr. Long for minor surgery in a hospital that meets current Ministry of Health standards.

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