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Surgical facelift – Amazing rejuvenation result

Surgical facelift is a skin rejuvenation and beautification method that is popular with thousands of women today thanks to its highly aesthetic results. So what is facelift surgery and how is it performed?
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Surgical facelift This is a skin rejuvenation and beautification method that is popular with thousands of women today thanks to its highly aesthetic results. So the surgical method face lift What is it, how is it done?


What is facelift surgery?

Skin tighteningFacial surgery is one of the most modern and advanced skin tightening techniques today. Thanks to the application of specialized endoscopic equipment in the processsurgical skin tightening, Doctors will accurately dissect the excess skin layers and stretch the supporting stromal tissue under the skin to relieve pain.stretch the skin and tighten facial muscles without damaging the facial nervous system.

Methodsurgical facelift can overcome the disadvantages that old techniques often encounter such as tightening the surface skin layer, intervening deeply into the inner tissue layer and thoroughly lifting sagging muscles underneath the skin to maintain youthfulness. medium long term. (See more: Non-surgical facelift)

Some current facelift techniques

Face lift surgery Endoscopic is a facelift technique performed in sections, including:partial facelift andfull facelift.

Methodsurgical facelift Each part can be performed in several locations such as the cheeks, neck, forehead,Temporal skin tightening… Conducted according to each different dissection location. Such as:

Cheek skin tightening: Doctors will make incisions in the area in front of the ear to hide scars and stretch the skin around the cheeks.

Forehead skin tightening: The incision will be located about 1-2cm from the hairline on the forehead to hide the scar, or the incision will be right next to the hairline to hide the scar under the scalp.

Neck skin tightening: Trim loose skin on the neck, remove excess fatty tissue from the neck and chin.

Methodsstretch the skin This has a combination of methodsendoscopic facelift and classic facelift for maximum effectiveness and safety.

Full facelift: This surgical facelift method is often applied to people who have entered middle age, have severely aged faces, and have wrinkled skin in most locations on the face. Therefore, a full facelift will simultaneously lift the skin of the temples, the middle of the face and the area below the face to completely correct signs of aging. (See more: Full face lift)

Advantages of surgical facelift method

With modern and advanced surgical facelift techniques that are commonly used today, techniquestretch the skin brings many outstanding advantages compared to old methods, helping to solve basic problems such as: Is surgical facelift safe, does surgical facelift leave scars, is surgical facelift painful?

Surgerystretch the skin Surface has the following advantages:

Rejuvenate skin, remove wrinkles effectively.

Can say,surgical faceliftis the beauty method that brings the highest efficiency among all cosmetic methodsstretch the skin Currently. Surgical skin tightening helps to intervene deeply into the internal soft tissue organizations through dissection using modern endoscopic techniques, thanks to supporting tools that will help stretch and support the skin areas at the corners of the eyes, Nasolabial grooves… can be fixed more easily. Brings back youthful skin and significantly eliminates wrinkled and aged skin areas.

Ensure high safety

Skin tightening Modern endoscopic surgery is a great step forward, helping doctors easily monitor and perform wrinkle removal and skin tightening surgery, while limiting damage to blood vessels and nerves. canal and does not invade too deeply inside. Thanks to the application of technology in surgery, facelift is considered a safe surgical method, not affecting the health of the person performing it. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much How long does it take for a surgical face lift to heal?and is it safe, just choose the right addressWhere is a good place to get surgical facelift? It is possible to ensure much higher safety.

No pain, no scars

Not only is it a safe surgical technique, skin tightening does not leave ugly scars after surgery, the incision will be skillfully performed in hidden locations such as the scalp, behind the ear or under the crease. Fold your neck to hide thin scars after surgery. In addition, before the surgical skin tightening, the doctors will give you anesthesia or pre-anesthesia, so during the procedure, you will not feel any pain or discomfort.

Delivers long-lasting results

It can be said that surgical skin tightening is considered by cosmetic experts to be the most effective wrinkle removal technique, providing optimal aesthetic results and lasting longer than other methods. non-surgical faceliftlike: facelift with autologous fat injection, facelift with gold thread, facelift with collagen thread…

Reputable address for face lift surgery

Convergence of important characteristics that make up a surgerystretch the skin success,Plastic Surgery Surgery Doctor Long is a reliable address for everyone who wants to have surgeryDr. Long’s surgical face lift, rediscovering the youthfulness of the past. Doctor Long meets all the criteriaWhere is a good place to have a surgical face lift? like:

  • Is a reputable and quality address, licensed to operate according to regulations of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health.
  • A team of skilled, experienced and highly qualified medical doctors.
  • Spacious infrastructure system, modern and advanced equipment provide maximum support for the surgical processFacelift surgery at PKCK PTTM Dr. Long.
  • Strict and scientific implementation process, dedicated and thoughtful after-sales service and care.


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Plastic Surgery Surgery Doctor Long

Address: 518 Le Hong Phong, Ward 1, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0908 493 008

Website: http://bacsilong.com

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