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Fat grafting for wrinkle removal: Process, cost and highly reputable minor surgery address

Do you feel self-conscious because of many wrinkles on your face? No need to worry, fat grafting to remove wrinkles at Dr. Long will help you quickly solve the problem.
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Fat grafting removes wrinklesis one of the modern cosmetic methods that helps users regain their youthful appearance. Therefore, this cosmetic method is widely popular among beauty enthusiasts. And you? If you also want to experience the autologous fat grafting process to erase ugly wrinkles, please refer to the useful information below before proceeding.

Brief introduction about the fat grafting method to remove wrinkles

Fat grafting removes wrinkles Also known by many different names as autologous fat grafting or autologous fat grafting. This is a modern cosmetic method that uses advanced techniques to remove fat from one body area to transplant into another body area. The main purpose is to help users have a plump, youthful and attractive face.

Compared to other beauty methods, fat grafting to remove wrinkles is considered safer. Because this method uses the user’s own fat, there is no material rejection or serious irritation. Instead, autologous fat after transplantation continues to be nourished and developed strongly by the body to maintain lasting aesthetic effects.

What is also important is that the above beauty method also minimizes damage to the user thanks to the non-invasive method. Therefore, you do not need to be hospitalized for observation or long-term rest after your minor surgery.

Currently, autologous fat grafting is indicated for use in the following subjects:

  • People with many wrinkles on their faces
  • People with sunken forehead and temporal area
  • People with sunken cheeks make their bony faces clearly visible to the outside
  • Unlucky people have a short chin with a rough jawline
  • People with less plump bodies such as a flat bust or a bust that is not full

Why should you use autologous fat grafting to remove wrinkles?

Before the age of 30, most women possess youthful beauty, radiant and full of vitality. But going through this stage, the aging process will progress strongly, causing your skin to lose its inherent elasticity.

As a result, wrinkles appear one after another with increasing density, making the skin no longer as plump and shiny as before. They will make your face look old and seriously degrade your appearance. So the jobWrinkle removal using fat grafting method This is considered essential for you to maintain your radiant youthful beauty.

Compared to Filler injections or Botox injections, fat grafting is many times more effective over a longer period of time. Furthermore, it also ensures good safety for users.

Areas that can be grafted with fat to remove wrinkles

As mentioned above, methodFat grafting to remove wrinkles Can be applied to many different areas of the user’s body. The most popular are:

A corner of the mouth

Wrinkles often appear at the corners of your mouth, making your face look older than your age. Therefore, many women tend to transplant fat into the corners of the mouth and smile lines to get a much more youthful smile.

Eyebrow wrinkles

When entering the aging stage, your eyebrows will sag and ugly wrinkles appear. Therefore, this area needs to be filled with safe autologous fat grafting.


The forehead is one of the areas where many wrinkles are concentrated due to the aging process. They can appear even when you smile or not, so it is necessary to effectively remove wrinkles with this modern cosmetic method.


If you want to own sexy lips, autologous fat grafting is the ideal choice. Because at this time, the excess fat after separation and selection will be injected directly into the position where the lips need to be filled.


A pointed chin that is too deeply sunken will make your face less attractive than usual. But you can rest assured that this defect will be effectively overcome by fat grafting to the excess area to plump the chin.

In addition, you can also have autologous fat grafting for your breasts, buttocks and any other area you want to fill.

Fat grafting procedure to remove wrinkles

According to cosmetic doctors, the procedure is knownFat grafting to remove wrinkles needs to be done methodically to ensure high safety for users. Below are the specific steps that you should clearly understand to monitor implementation when necessary:

  • Step 1: Specialists examine the status of wrinkles and hollows on the patient’s body. Then, the cosmetic specialist will assess the level of aging you are facing to come up with an effective fat grafting plan.
  • Step 2: The patient is taken to other functional areas for further health examination and necessary tests. Based on the diagnostic results, the doctors will decide whether you are healthy enough to undergo minor surgery and make the final announcement.
  • Step 3: The patient is taken to the post-operative room for the cosmetic specialist to design the surgery. More specifically, cosmetic doctors will identify areas with many wrinkles and hollows that need fat grafting, then measure and mark the locations where fat needs to be taken and fat grafted.
  • Step 4: The patient is anesthetized or anesthetized depending on the case and the entire area will be disinfected.
  • Step 5: Use the Cannula device to remove fat from the patient’s body and then put it into a centrifuge to separate fat cells. After that, the purest and healthiest fat cells will be selected to be injected into places that need to remove wrinkles and hollow areas for the user.
  • Step 6: The patient can rest in the post-operative room and have his health carefully monitored. If everything is stable, you will be advised on how to take care of your health at home and make an appointment for a follow-up examination before leaving.

How long does fat grafting for wrinkle removal last?

Nowadays there are many people who don’t knowFat grafting to remove wrinkles How long does it last to consider using for yourself? Regarding this issue, specialists said that the time to maintain the effectiveness of autologous fat grafting will depend on the quality of the type of fat transplanted into each person’s body.

More specifically, if you are transplanted with autologous fat that can divide and duplicate continuously, your body will gradually stabilize after 3 to 4 months of minor surgery. The cosmetic effect can then last from 5 to 10 years or more, not just a few months like with conventional Filler or Botox injections.

In addition, specialists say that the time it takes to beautify with this method depends on the user’s body, post-operative care, implementation technology and the skills of experts in the industry. That’s why you are often advised to only choose reputable cosmetic clinics that meet high quality standards to perform minor surgery. At the same time, you also need to take proper care of your body to shorten the recovery process.

Current cost of fat grafting for wrinkle removal

There is the reality of costFat grafting to remove wrinkles At today’s beauty salons, there is a high disparity. Because you need to know that each beauty facility will have different service policies and the accompanying quality will also vary greatly.

But in general, at reputable cosmetic clinics, the cost for a fat grafting procedure of this type is quite reasonable. It usually ranges from 20 million VND to 50 million VND/case or more depending on the location where you need minor surgery.

To get more detailed price information, it is best to schedule a visit at a trusted beauty clinic. Here, doctors will thoroughly examine your body and give you the final exact number.

Address for professional autologous fat grafting to remove wrinkles

Do you want autologous fat grafting to rejuvenate your own beauty? But you don’t know which address to contact to get the expected results? So come to Dr. Long immediately to receive dedicated service advice.

Together with a team of leading industry experts, we will give you sincere advice to achieve truly satisfactory aesthetic results. After that, you will receive minor surgery support at a hospital that meets current medical standards.

It is also important that you receive thoughtful post-operative care and companionship from Dr. Long throughout the recovery process. If any unexpected problem occurs, we will help you handle it promptly. However, service costs at reputable beauty salons are always preferential, helping customers save as much money as possible.


Hopefully the useful information brought by Dr. Long will help you better understand the methodFat grafting to remove wrinkles very popular nowadays. This is truly a lifesaver for those with wrinkled, sagging and less plump skin who want to restore their youthful beauty. If you also want to regain your radiant youth, please contact Dr. Long for advice and perform this minor surgery right now.

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