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Is neck lift surgery the perfect choice?

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Surgeryneck skin tighteningis a cosmetic method partial facelift It can beautify many women when facing sagging skin, excess fat, and many wrinkles. Everyone wants to stay youthful and beautiful, and everyone doesn’t want aging to make them feel self-conscious in front of everyone. Please join Dr. Long to learn about this very popular cosmetic beauty trend through the following article.

What is neck lift surgery?

Surgery neck skin tightening is cosmetic surgery with a technical process to create a slimmer and clearer jawline, creating a more beautiful neck shape. Depending on each person’s beauty and aesthetic needs neck skin tightening This method brings the best benefits: it completely solves the problem of sagging skin, helps remove excess fat that creates ugly looking double eyelids, and helps tighten the muscle tissue that attaches to the skin of the neck (because it is the muscle that attaches to the skin). This separation of the neck is the cause of wrinkles and lines across the neck.

Neck lift surgery is often performed in combination with a facelift or facelift as well as other additional procedures in facial beautification such as skin resurfacing. or chin implant. If you simply tighten the neck skin, this can also be considered an independent treatment method.

Currently, there are many ways to tighten neck skin, including endoscopic surgery,neck skin tighteningby threading or injecting fillers, botox injections… but in general these methods use equipment to intervene, invasive techniques to remove excess fat causing loose, sagging skin. Here’s howneck skin tighteningPopular and chosen by many people:

Service Expense
Face Lift 35,000,000 – 80,000,000 VND

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Neck skin tightening with thread

Beautyneck skin tighteningThreading is a technique applied to customers whose neck skin is only slightly aging and the skin is not sagging much.

To perform this method, cosmetic doctors will use specialized biological threads to insert under the skin to fix muscle tissue and stretch the skin without having to intervene too deeply, without causing any damage. scarring or complications.

Endoscopic neck lift

Neck tightening Endoscopy is an invasive cosmetic method that deeply and strongly impacts the skin of the neck directly. When performing this technique, the doctor will make a short incision behind the ear. Then insert the endoscope underneath the skin to detect and remove excess fat, improve sagging skin, and stretch the skin to make it smoother.

Reason that methodneck skin tightening Endoscopy is so popular because the recovery time of this technique is very fast and can keep long-term cosmetic effects from 5 to 10 years.

Why is a neck lift a cosmetic technique chosen by many people?

Aesthetic technology is increasingly developing, bringing more superior results to everyone. And of course, the method neck skin tightening is considered a cosmetic procedure that brings many outstanding advantages to help the skin become younger and more beautiful. The reason that even you will choose this cosmetic method is because:

  • When reaching middle age onwards, the rate of collagen and elastin production in the body will slow down. This is also the main reason why women’s skin faces aging.
  • In addition, at this age, the skin also begins to sag, lose elasticity, causing poor aesthetics. Besides, combined with unscientific living habits or genetic factors are also the causes of wrinkled neck skin, creating looseness and wrinkles.
  • Did you know that the neck area is the area that will age sooner than other areas, causing many women to worry and feel self-conscious about this issue.
  • So surgeryneck skin tighteningHow much does it cost? This cost will depend on each individual after the doctor’s examination, the price range ranges from 20 – 50 million.

Dr. Long’s cosmetic services specialize in neck skin tightening with top quality reputation

Techniqueneck skin tighteningwill help beauticians repel the signs of aging, help stimulate the body to provide more nutrients and support the body to regenerate and circulate muscle tissue, thereby helping the skin become elastic. more, more youthful.

Neck lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery with a relatively complicated process, it is best to have it done at a reputable cosmetic facility with a highly skilled doctor with good qualifications and experience. abundant. Because only cosmetic doctors who have undergone formal training and have long-term clinical practice experience can determine the exact incision and minimize post-operative complications. surgery.

Dr. Long Aesthetics is where you can feel secure when you need surgery neck skin tightening. With successful results from many cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Long’s reputation is not only on newspapers and information portals but is known to everyone. Coming here, you will surely be satisfied to see that all service processes here are extremely professional, with modern equipment and spacious facilities. Surely you will experience the best cosmetic service.


Hope the article is about aestheticsneck skin tighteninghelps you get a more general overview of this quite common type of surgery. Don’t wait any longer and contact Dr. Long directlyHotline 0908 493 008 for more detailed advice?

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