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Is facelift with collagen threads safe? Which address is good?

Skin rejuvenation with collagen thread facelift is increasingly popular. The benefits of the method will be in the following article.
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Face tightening with collagen thread It is an effective beauty method that brings many benefits to women. As a result, your skin is rejuvenated, sagging skin is reduced, and wrinkles are reduced quickly. Currently, the method is provided by many reputable cosmetic facilities, including Dr. Long Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Learn about face tightening methods using collagen thread

Over time, signs of aging appear more and more, women gradually lose their youthfulness and natural beauty. MethodFace tightening with collagen thread Used to correct wrinkled and sagging skin, providing a more perfect appearance. This is a method of thread implantation, internal thread tensioning, also known as biological thread tensioning. The doctor will use a biological thread, insert it under the skin, stretch and lift the sagging skin area.

Biological thread, when inserted into the subcutaneous layer, will form a mesh layer that reduces wrinkles immediately after implementation. This thread stimulates collagen production in the body. However, this method does not help permanently rejuvenate the skin. The maintenance effectiveness of the method will range from two to three years depending on each person’s condition. When the thread dissolves, aging will appear slowly and wrinkles will return to the skin.

Should I tighten my face with collagen thread?

Is facelift with collagen thread good?? In the past, people often had surgery to lift their face, but this method was quite risky and could easily cause complications. Even if you choose a poor quality treatment facility, the risk of infection and death is entirely possible. Instead,Face tightening with collagen threadn brings many more benefits.

Using collagen thread to tighten the face is a modern method, safe for customers to use if you choose a quality service provider. The method is non-invasive, leaves no scars, has no complications and is painless. Furthermore, the implementation time is quick, it only takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

Benefits of using the method

More and more people are turning to cosmetic surgery facilities to correct skin blemishes. In there,Face tightening with collagen thread always receives the most attention. The benefits of using this method are as follows:

Long lasting effect

The effectiveness of the method will range from 2 to 3 years. Please ask your doctor carefully about your skin condition to get appropriate advice. In addition, the durability of the skin tightening method also depends on how you take care of your facial skin after skin tightening as well as your diet and daily activities.

Safe for skin

Collagen thread tensioning uses threads with natural, non-harmful ingredients. Currently, no reports have been found that prove the harmful effects that this type of thread can cause to your face. However, to be sure of the effectiveness after the procedure, you should choose a highly experienced doctor at a reputable cosmetic facility. At this time, you will be cared for and performed skin tightening with modern, standard equipment and technology.

Low risk

Facelift method with collagen thread is known as a non-invasive beauty method. Therefore, the risk rate of this method is extremely low, customers hardly encounter bleeding, bruises, scars and a few other special complications. Skin tightening with collagen causes local anesthesia, so you don’t have to worry about side effects appearing on your body when using anesthetics.

However, there are still exceptions. AfterFace tightening with collagen thread, irritation appears on the skin, revealing sutures under the skin. Please consult your doctor for an effective remedy. Do not buy self-medication at home because it can negatively affect your health.

Subjects should have collagen skin tightening

Although skin tightening with collagen thread brings many benefits to women, not everyone can use this method. Normally, doctors will examine you carefully before performing a skin lift to assess the skin condition you are experiencing. Skin tightening is only suitable for the purpose of preventing sagging and removing wrinkles in cases of moderate skin aging. The method also helps your face become slimmer.

Collagen thread skin tightening is not suitable for cases of severely aging skin or skin that is greatly influenced by the environment. Another case is that people who have had cosmetic surgery and have scars cannot get collagen threading. Your doctor will advise you on a more suitable method to ensure your skin’s safety. In summary, the following people should tighten their skin with collagen thread:

  • Men or women from 30 to 50 years old with moderate or mild signs of aging.
  • People without cardiovascular disease, diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • People who do not meet the health conditions for skin tightening surgery.
  • People who do not want to go under the knife but still want to lift sagging faces and remove wrinkles.

Detailed collagen skin tightening process

Skin tightening with collagen thread is performed in many different steps. You should carefully refer to the information related to the skin tightening process and save the cosmetic address to ensure high efficiency, safety, and no additional costs. Here are some basic steps of the facelift process with collagen thread:

  • Step 1: Doctor examines to determine skin condition and appropriate cosmetic method.
  • Step 2: Facial skin will be cleaned before proceeding with the skin tightening process with collagen thread.
  • Step 3: The doctor determines the position to insert the thread under the skin to achieve the best results.
  • Step 4: Customers have their skin disinfected and anesthetized. Doctors use modern equipment, tools, and machinery to begin the facelift process. The time to perform this method is only about 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Implementation time will depend on how much thread is used.
  • Step 5: The needle insertion site is disinfected by the doctor. You need to take time to rest and take care of your body as prescribed by your doctor.

Doctor Long PTTM PKCK – Reputable address, good price

Currently, there are many options for surgical locations for you to use Face tightening with collagen thread. Among them, Doctor Long Plastic Surgery Clinic is always a reputable address with many years of experience. When choosing skin tightening service or any cosmetic service, you will be committed to:

Good, dedicated doctor

The team of doctors at Doctor Long has full expertise and experience. Doctors are sent to school for regular professional training. Therefore, the services provided will always ensure quality and safety. The doctor carefully checks your physical condition before starting the skin tightening process, so please rest assured.

The collagen skin tightening process is quick and professional

The facelift procedure is performed through many different steps. The doctor will inform you of the detailed skin tightening procedure after conducting an examination and determining the nature of the skin. After a short period of skin tightening, you can live and work normally without spending too much time resting.

Good cost

The cost to perform a facelift with collagen thread is always reasonable, ensuring a stable level. PKCK PTTM Dr. Long will not increase prices erratically, saying no to “cutting corners” on customers. In addition, you also receive many extremely attractive incentives when tightening your skin such as free beauty treatments, skin care products, etc.

Warranty available

After performing the serviceFace tightening with collagen thread, customers will receive a warranty policy from Doctor Long Plastic Surgery Clinic. Thus, if any problems arise after the surgery, customers will receive timely support from medical staff and doctors. The staff not only accompanies you before, during, but also after the skin tightening process, so please rest assured.

How to care for skin after skin tightening?

As mentioned, recovery time after collagen thread tightening is very quick. You will live and work comfortably, without discomfort or fatigue. However, for this method to be most effective, please note the following for your skin care process:

  • The newly tightened area is susceptible to hematoma and bleeding. You should not touch, press or scratch this area of ​​skin.
  • Avoid performing actions such as lying with your head tilted or bowing your head low to avoid irritating the skin.
  • Do not open your mouth too wide, laughing too loudly will cause damage and break the tension thread under the skin.
  • If you take medication, follow your doctor’s advice to avoid complications.
  • After skin tightening, take 24 hours to completely rest. 5 to 10 days after thread implantation, you can do light work but do not exert strong force on your face.
  • You should limit hard foods, foods that easily cause keloid scars such as eggs, spinach or foods that cause itching such as chicken, seafood, fishy foods…

Face tightening with collagen thread It is a useful, affordable beauty method that brings many benefits to women. Please contact Doctor Long Plastic Surgery Clinic immediately for support and answers to all necessary questions related to the service. For more information about skin tightening services and other cosmetic services, please see here https://bacsilong.com/.


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