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Autologous cartilage rhinoplasty – The golden key to a beautiful, elegant nose

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Autologous cartilage rhinoplasty is the perfect solution to overcome all nasal defects, helping you quickly own a beautiful, natural nose. Many women wonder what autologous cartilage is and what results autologous cartilage rhinoplasty brings. Let’s find out in the following article.

What is autologous cartilage rhinoplasty?

Overview of autologous cartilage rhinoplasty?

Autologous cartilage rhinoplasty is a method of correcting the shape of the nose by using autologous cartilage. This is a type of cartilage taken from different parts of the customer’s body (ear cartilage, rib cartilage, septum cartilage, etc.)

The method of rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage brings a high, natural nose shape, a part of the nose tip will be reduced, the bridge of the nose will be raised, and the defects will be completely overcome. There are 2 methods of rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage: completely autologous cartilage rhinoplasty and artificial autologous cartilage rhinoplasty.

Locations for autologous cartilage to be used for nose augmentation

Customers should know that rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage will not require any artificial materials. Then, it will be easier for the doctor to adjust and change the shape of the nose to suit each person’s face.

Consider for customers with very thin nasal skin, if using the method of rhinoplasty with artificial cartilage, there will definitely be cases of exposed bridge and the nose area will be red and shiny. In this situation, rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage is the safest and most suitable method.

Great advantages of autologous cartilage rhinoplasty method:

The method of autologous cartilage rhinoplasty appeared to overcome the limitations of artificial rhinoplasty methods, bringing the following outstanding advantages:

  • Beautiful natural nose, soft and elegant shape
  • Autologous cartilage rhinoplasty has high compatibility with the customer’s body without causing any other effects or irritation.
  • Prevents the phenomenon of exposed waves and red tip of the nose
  • Any customer can apply the method of rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage.
  • Repair damaged nose due to accident or complications
  • Beautiful nose shape, long lasting and sustainable over time

Disadvantages of autologous cartilage rhinoplasty

Although rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage has many advantages, it still has the following limitations:

  • In addition to the incision in the nose area, there must also be an incision at the site where the autologous cartilage is taken.
  • The procedure for performing autologous cartilage rhinoplasty is quite complicated, so it requires the surgeon to have high skills and deep expertise.

Customers who want to improve their nose shape need to carefully research information about safe nose lift locations as well as choose a reputable nose lift doctor at the facility.

How long does autologous cartilage rhinoplasty last?

“ How long does autologous cartilage rhinoplasty last? ” is a question that many women are interested in and need an answer to.

For this issue, experts evaluate the autologous cartilage rhinoplasty method as a safe rhinoplasty solution that does not leave scars. Because it uses autologous cartilage taken from your own body, it has the ability to blend with the tissues in the body, the stable results can be stable for a long time if you know how to take care of it properly and choose a quality cosmetic facility.
Admire the images of customers after performing the autologous cartilage rhinoplasty method at Dr. Long Cosmetic Surgery to clearly see the changes on their faces:

Video of customer after Uniform rhinoplasty using autologous cartilage:

Depending on each customer’s condition and constitution, results will vary.

Hopefully the above article will help customers know more necessary information about rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage . As well as provide useful knowledge so that customers have a more correct view of this solution.

Hope you will soon find for yourself a satisfactory and most suitable nose shape!

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