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What is structural sline nose lift?

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Structural Sline Rhinoplasty is a comprehensive rhinoplasty technique that can completely correct nasal defects, creating a beautiful, natural nose shape that is in harmony with the facial structure. Let’s learn about the structural Sline Rhinoplasty service below.


What is structural sline nose lift?

What is structural sline rhinoplasty?

Unlike conventional nose lift methods , S-line nose lift not only helps to lift the bridge of the nose but can also correct defects on the nose from: nose tip, nose column, nose bridge… Therefore, S-line structural nose lift not only helps the nose to be high and beautiful, with a soft, natural curve but also very harmonious with the face.

To answer the question of what is structural sline rhinoplasty , cosmetic surgery experts say that sline rhinoplasty is a cosmetic method that helps to recreate the entire structure and shape of the nose using open surgery techniques. The nasal bone will be rearranged to be slim, combined with the use of artificial cartilage to build the bridge of the nose, using septal cartilage and ear cartilage to create a high A-shaped nose tip and create lemon-shaped nostrils. Simply put, rhinoplasty using the structural sline rhinoplasty method is a rhinoplasty technique that uses biological cartilage placed in 2/3 of the nose body and the remaining 1/3 of the tip of the nose is lined with autologous cartilage taken from the nasal septum cartilage, rib cartilage or ear cartilage (depending on each specific case). This is a difference that other rhinoplasty methods cannot perform.

Advantages of structural rhinoplasty

As the most modern and complex nose lift method , structural sline nose lift has the following outstanding advantages:

S line nose shape

More outstanding than traditional rhinoplasty methods , structural rhinoplasty, thanks to its thorough intervention in the internal bone structure through open surgery, can both raise the bridge of the nose to a reasonable height, create a soft, naturally beautiful S-line curve, and adjust the tip of the nose to be slimmer and more graceful.

A beautiful, natural nose that is compatible with the body

Structural rhinoplasty is a cosmetic technique that mainly uses only autologous cartilage to shape the nose, so after entering the nasal cavity, the autologous cartilage will continue to be nourished without being rejected or eroded during use, combined with biological cartilage that is guaranteed to be safe and compatible with the body. With such factors, Sline rhinoplasty will create a soft, high nose shape without stiffness even when touching it with your hand after rhinoplasty .


The tip of the nose is not red or shiny.

Rhinoplasty using autologous cartilage to cover the tip of the nose will minimize friction and pressure on the skin of the nose, thus avoiding the phenomenon of red tip of the nose, not exposing the bridge of the nose, the nose is naturally beautiful without complications. This is one of the special advantages of the structural sline rhinoplasty method .

Long lasting results

Nose lift using the Sline nose lift method has a stable, long-lasting and even permanent result (depending on each person’s body). Therefore, structural Sline nose lift is loved and favored by many people.

As one of the famous nose lift centers in Ho Chi Minh City, BS Long Plastic Surgery Center has successfully performed more than 10,000 successful cosmetic surgeries. In particular, S-line nose lift surgery here is performed by a team of skilled doctors with a deep aesthetic eye, ensuring optimal results. In addition, all nose lift services such as: S-line nose lift , cartilage-covered nose lift, nose wing cutting… are all guaranteed for a long time at BS Long Cosmetic Hospital.

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