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Widen the corners of the eyes – The secret to having symmetrical, naturally large and round eyes

The method of widening the eye corners is increasingly chosen by many women to correct defects in the eyes. After cosmetic surgery, the eyes will become more symmetrical and rounder
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Methodwiden the corners of the eyesMore and more women are choosing it to correct eye defects. After cosmetic surgery, the eyes will become more symmetrical and rounder. So which address should you choose to perform this beauty service? Refer now through the article below!

What is eye angle enlargement?

Widen the corners of the eyesis an increasingly popular plastic surgery method. With simple procedures, this method helps treat defects such as: Small eyes, asymmetric eyes, slanted eyes…

Phẫu thuật mở rộng góc mắt cho bạn sở hữu đôi mắt 2 mí cân xứng hoàn hảo

Widen the inner corner of the eye

The inner corner of the eye is the corner of the eye located near the bridge of the nose. If the skin in this position grows, the eyes will become increasingly farther apart. At the same time, the length of the eyes will shrink, affecting aesthetics.

Aesthetics widen the angle of the eyes is often prescribed for cases where the two eyes are too far apart. Or if you have small eyes, you can also fix it with this method. On average, each plastic surgery procedure only needs to be performed in about 40 – 60 minutes.

Mở rộng góc mắt trong cho những trường hợp có kích thước mắt nhỏ

When performing surgery, the doctor will determine the appropriate position in the eyelid to make a small incision. Next is a procedure to treat the eye corner area including removing excess skin and fat. The lacrimal gland and eye shape are also adjusted appropriately. Finally, the doctor will re-examine everything and stitch up the areas that have just been operated on.

Widening at the outer corner of the eye

How to widen the outer corner of the eye? In contrast to widening the inner eye corner, the technique of widening the outer eye corner applies to people whose distance between the eyes is too close or slanted eyes. This technique is not too complicated but requires high precision. In about 1 hour, the doctor performs the procedure to bring out naturally beautiful eyes.

When performing this method, the first step the doctor will determine is the position that needs to be corrected at the corner of the eye. Next, cut a thin line and adjust the size as desired. Finally, the incision is fixed with cosmetic thread. After the wound heals quickly, the distance between the eyes has a suitable distance. At the same time, the eyes are symmetrical, even, naturally beautiful and have more depth.

Mở rộng ở góc mắt ngoài giúp đôi mắt đẹp tự nhiên

Should plastic surgery be extended at the corner of the eye?

Eyes are considered the “windows to the soul” so everyone wants to have bright, big, round eyes. Then, you can easily make an impression and attract the opposite person. However, not everyone is blessed with naturally beautiful eyes.

If you are self-conscious about flaws in your eyes such as: Small eyes, slanted eyes, eyes with too wide or too narrow distance… then you should look for a method to widen the eye corners. This is one of the beauty tips that doesn’t take too much time or money. Just use the right technique and the eye angle will be adjusted proportionally and in harmony with the face.

More specifically, the technique of widening the corner of the eyes also helps the eyes become bigger, rounder and more sparkling. Fan-shaped wrinkles at the corners of the eyes also disappear thanks to this plastic surgery method. Some cases feel more confident because there are no longer excess fat bags or excess skin in the eyes.

Detailed eye angle enlargement procedure

Surgerywiden the corners of the eyes Not too complicated but needs to be done according to a professional process. When you go to reputable cosmetic facilities, you will have eye defects corrected according to the following process:

  • Step 1: The doctor examines each customer’s eye condition. From there, advise on the appropriate method to widen the eye angle.
  • Step 2: Check the patient’s health before performing surgery to widen the eye angle. This is a mandatory condition for the doctor to evaluate whether the customer should have extensive surgery at the corner of the eye or not.
  • Step 3: The doctor measures and draws a cut line on the eye area to determine whether the position that needs to be expanded is at the inner or outer eye corner.
  • Step 4: Inject anesthetic in the eyelid area to create a feeling of comfort for the customer during minor surgery.
  • Step 5: The doctor performs minor surgery at the determined inner or outer eye corner.
  • Step 6: Stitch the wound and clean the incision. This helps the eyes avoid infection and heal wounds quickly.
  • Step 7: After surgery, customers stay to rest for about 1 hour. If there are no unusual symptoms, they can go home. The doctor will prescribe medication, how to care for the wound, give instructions on how to clean the wound at home, and schedule a follow-up visit.

Bác sĩ thực hiện mở rộng ở góc mắt

Some notes when undergoing surgery to widen the eye angle

Aesthetics widen the angle of the eyesHelps increase eye aesthetics. The cost of this plastic surgery service is not too high, so it is suitable for the budget of many customers. Typically, eye corner extension services will come with a lifetime warranty.

Although the eye corner extension method has many advantages, you also need to be careful when doing it. If unfortunately you choose the wrong cosmetic facility of poor quality, you may encounter unfortunate risks. Some cases fall into the situation of “losing money and losing life”, leaving scars in the eyes or the eyes being different in size.

More dangerously, improper surgery to expand the eye corner leads to the risk of vision loss. The structures inside the eye can be affected by incorrect surgery. Inflammation of the eye or eyelid margin infection may also occur.

Therefore, to avoid damage to your eyes, you should have extensive eye surgery at reputable cosmetic facilities. There are highly specialized doctors who directly consult and examine customers to accurately assess the health status of customers. After correcting eye defects, you must absolutely follow your doctor’s instructions on how to care for your eyes at home.

The most prestigious address for eye angle enlargement surgery

In order to meet the increasing demand for beauty, cosmetic surgery services are increasingly developing. Keeping up with that trend, Doctor Long Plastic Surgery Clinic brings customers many high-quality beauty services. In there,eye-opening service Trusted by many customers.

PKCK PTTM Bác sĩ Long phẫu thuật mở rộng ở góc mắt an toàn

At Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM, aesthetics and customer safety are always top priority. All customers who need eye corner enlargement will be examined directly by a good doctor. If the customer is in stable health and has no history of dangerous diseases, continue with the steps to expand the corner of the eye.

With the doctor’s excellent expertise and extensive experience, you can feel completely secure during the minor surgery process. To complete a thoughtful surgery, the clinic also uses a variety of modern machines and tools. The clinic’s goal is to help customers have naturally beautiful eyes and be more confident with their own beauty.

The strength of the eye-opening service at Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM

PKCK PTTM Dr. Long is always the number 1 choice for women in need of beauty. Established in 2009, we have successfully performed more than 10,000 cosmetic surgeries. With the strengths below, Doctor Long Plastic Surgery Clinic is increasingly asserting its brand in the market.

Attentive care after plastic surgery

Post-operative care plays a very important role and affects the results of eye angle enlargement. Therefore, after performing surgery on the patient, the doctor will give careful instructions on how to take care of his health. To help your eyes recover quickly and avoid dangerous complications, you should note the following:

  • Limit direct eye contact with water, especially at the site of minor surgical intervention.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes and avoid direct strong impacts to your eyes.
  • Rest for a few days to avoid working too much on your eyes and affecting your vision.
  • When going out, you should wear sunglasses and cover up carefully. This keeps sunlight from shining directly into the eyes and prevents dust and dirt.
  • Use a cold towel to apply to your eyes to reduce pain after the anesthetic wears off.
  • Do not wear contact lenses, contact lenses or heavy eye makeup within 1 month after surgery.
  • Strictly follow your doctor’s instructions regarding dosage and duration of medication.
  • Avoid eating foods that can cause allergies or scar your eyes.

During home health care, if you experience unusual signs, contact the clinic immediately. Or you can go directly to the clinic to see a doctor. We will check carefully and help you handle it as quickly as possible.

Khách hàng được chăm sóc chu đáo sau khi mở rộng ở góc mắt 

Reasonable surgery costs

Eye-opening service At PKCK PTTM, Dr. Long not only achieves high quality but also has reasonable prices. During the consulting process for customers, we will quote a price for the full service package. You just need to pay the deposit in advance at the clinic. The remaining amount will be paid after experiencing the service.

Full surgery costs

More specifically, customers using the eye-opening service will have the opportunity to receive many attractive incentives. For example: Give away discount vouchers, the more you go, the more discounts you get. You have the right to choose services and make an appointment at the clinic.


Servicewiden the corners of the eyes At PKCK PTTM, Dr. Long always creates satisfaction and peace of mind for customers. If you are in need of using this service, please quickly call the Hotline:0908.493.008. We will thoughtfully advise and answer all questions about the service 24/7.

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