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What is Sline Rhinoplasty? Why is it still “HOT” until now?

Sline Nose Lift originated from Korea, by combining artificial cartilage and autologous cartilage to create a naturally elegant, high S-shaped nose, in harmony with Asian faces.
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Sline Rhinoplasty Originated from Korea, by combining artificial cartilage and autologous cartilage to create a naturally elegant, high S-shaped nose, in harmony with Asian faces.


A flat nose with a low bridge is one of the prominent facial features of the majority of Asians in general. Until now, Vietnamese people have always believed that a high nose with a perfect bridge determines 80% of facial beauty.

To meet everyone’s beauty needs, especially aestheticsnose lift, with the development of aesthetic medical technology,Sline nose lift is considered a nose correction technique that has reached the level of “repairing it like no repair”. So the essence of the methodWhat is sline rhinoplasty? and how is it done?

How is sline rhinoplasty surgery performed?

Sline nose lift This is the most optimal nose lift method favored by millions of people today, but not everyone knows the techniquelift the bridge of the noseWhat is this? SoWhat is sline rhinoplasty?

Sline rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty method that helps restructure the entire nose to redesign a more elegant, high nose shape, with harmonious and elegant lines for the face.

Korean sline rhinoplasty There is a combination of advantages between autologous cartilage and artificial cartilage to create a beautiful nose shape. When performing this method, autologous cartilage (septal cartilage) will act as the main rhinoplasty material to shape the bridge of the nose in combination with ear cartilage and artificial cartilage. (See more: Autologous cartilage rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty covered with biological skin)

MethodStructural sline rhinoplastyThis is done by combining raising the bridge of the nose, creating a soft S-shaped nose from the forehead to the tip of the nose, shortening and lengthening the tip of the nose, reshaping the tip of the nose… All fused together in a way. naturally, creating a perfect nose in accordance with the golden ratio.

In addition, the most special point ofSline rhinoplasty method Creating trust for customers, that is not onlynose lift Not only does it increase height, but it also solves all defects on your nose, bringing a beautiful, natural nose shape, harmonious and proportional to the face. Therefore, sline rhinoplasty is considered a “repairable” cosmetic method.

Sline nose lift Suitable for all people such as: upturned nose, short nose, low, bumpy nose bridge, wide nostrils, big nose tip, people who want to have a beautiful, naturally high nose shape.

Is sline rhinoplasty permanent?

Many customers who come to beauty salons are concerned about this problemIs S line rhinoplasty painful? Is S line rhinoplasty permanent?? According to the evaluation of long-time cosmetic experts, the methodPermanent sline nose lift Whether or not it depends on many factors such as: each person’s physical condition as well as the scientific and technical implementation of nose care regimen after rhinoplasty… Therefore, to knowIs sline rhinoplasty permanent? Basically depends on the following criteria:

Sline rhinoplasty technique: It can be said that the rhinoplasty method will have a great impact on the time it takes to maintain the results after rhinoplasty. Therefore,Is S line rhinoplasty permanent?It also depends on the rhinoplasty method you choose. To bring the best results, you should prioritize rhinoplasty techniques that apply new technology, providing many outstanding advantages compared to conventional methods and are highly safe.

Filler material: A factor that directly affects long-term durabilitySline nose lift That is the selection and use of nose lift materials. Filler materials need to be highly compatible and friendly to the body to minimize the risk of rejection after being placed inside the nose and vice versa. Currently, cosmetic experts recommend that you consult and consider using autologous cartilage materials and biological cartilage to ensure the most optimal results.

Reputable address for sline rhinoplasty in Ho Chi Minh City: Not only depends on the doctor’s skills, performing techniques and rhinoplasty materials,Is S line rhinoplasty painful?Sline nose lift You are no longer affected by the cosmetic surgery location you choose. If that surgical facility is fully equipped with modern facilities and surgical instruments, surgical procedures in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s standards, warranty and professional care will determine 50% of the results. nose lift. In addition, beauty centers with appropriate warranties will ensure you have a perfect, beautiful nose for a long time without having to worry about anything.

Instructions on how to care after sline rhinoplasty

AfterSline nose lift, how to care after surgeryHow long does it take for an s line nose job to look beautiful?Below is a scientific way to care for the best results after cosmetic surgery to help customers have the beautiful nose shape they desire without having to worry.How long s line nose all swollen:

– After rhinoplasty, the customer will have a pressure bandage fixed on the bridge of the nose for the first 3 days to create a perfect and stable bond for the bridge of the nose (avoid strong impact on the bridge of the nose, do not arbitrarily remove the bandage). without a doctor’s prescription).

– Keep the wound dry, do not wash your face with water.

– Take medicine as prescribed by your doctor.

– Follow-up examination and stitch removal after 7 days

– Avoid eating foods that cause swelling and keloid scars on wounds such as beef, seafood, chicken, spinach, alcohol, etc.

In addition to scientific care, whether there is more or less swelling after rhinoplasty,S line nose lift Does it leave scars? It depends on each person’s constitution and the skill of the doctor performing it.

Outstanding advantages of sline rhinoplasty at Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM

Ages ago long ago,PKCK PTTM Dr. Long famous is one of thePrestigious address for sline rhinoplasty, top quality according to natural standards – harmony – proportional to the overall face, helping customers save a lot of time and costs while still ensuring safety and high aesthetics without must choose addressWhere is the best place to get a sline nose lift?elevateHow much does it cost to get a nose job? How much does an S line nose job cost?

What’s different about S line rhinoplasty? At Doctor Long Plastic Surgery Clinic:

– Shape the tip of the nose slim with autologous cartilage material, lengthen the tip of the nose, help the tip of the nose not be red, slimmer and more delicate.

– The nose bridge design is soft, has a moderate height and does not affect the nose skin or reveal the bridge of the nose during use.

– Create a delicate S-shaped nose shape extending from the corner of the nose, the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose.

– Clinical examination, consultation and nose bridge design for each person by Dr. Long – Golden hands in cosmetic surgery 2013.

– After rhinoplasty surgery, customers will be cared for and treated by a team of dedicated and thoughtful nurses and doctors.

All details aboutSline nose lift service like: Dr. long sline nose lift, Rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage, rhinoplasty with artificial cartilage, nose wing cutting, nose tip reshaping… Customers can come directly to Doctor Long Plastic Surgery Clinic or call Hotline: 0908 493 008 to receive free support and advice on services and to know exactly.How much does an S line nose job cost?


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