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Partial facelift – Accurate correction of sagging skin

Partial facelift is a popular skin rejuvenation technique that can treat specific skin areas. Suitable for customers with little sagging skin or want to correct some facial blemishes.
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To keep a youthful and beautiful face like when you were young is quite a difficult problem for women. However, only with methodsface lift, owning firm, smooth, youthful skin is no longer too difficult or far away.

There are many methodsstretch the skinsuitable for everyone like stretchface lift with thread, full facelift, partial facelift… Currently,partial facelift This is a skin rejuvenation technique that is popular with many people and can treat specific skin areas.


What is a partial facelift?

It’s a measureface lift Can be applied to many areas of the face at the same time, but not all like the full facelift technique, but done in different areas such as:temple skin tightening, forehead skin tightening, neck skin tightening…

Methodpartial facelift There are some specific techniques, which are:

Face lift with thread: This is technicalnon-surgical facelift, using specialized biological threads (nano gold thread, collagen thread), whereby the biological thread will be threaded underneath the sagging and wrinkled skin to stretch the tissue and skin. This method only applies to subjects with mild skin aging. (See more: Non-surgical facelift)

Endoscopic facelift akasurgical facelift: With this technique, doctors will make a small incision behind the ear, on the temple or under the neck (depending on the specific location where the skin needs to be adjusted) to insert the endoscopic instrument and then stretch. The skin layers sag to completely erase wrinkles and deep depressions on the skin.

Facelift with no scarring?

An advantage of the methodface lift Partial skin tightening of specific areas is very effective, precise, and does not leave scars or cleverly hides bad scars, so Does partial skin tightening leave scars? Does not affect aesthetic issues after skin tightening.

For surgical facelifts, doctors will minimize invasiveness and make many incisions, calculating the best method so that very small scars are cleverly hidden beneath the hairline or behind the ears or hidden under folds. fold the skin.

With the thread lift method, doctors will use biological thread attached to the area with loose or excess skin to create a support frame underneath the skin to stretch the skin. This is a facelift method that does not require surgery, does not require incisions, so it leaves no scars and is painless.

To know Is partial skin tightening painful?, Partial skin tightening at Dr. Long’s beauty salonDoes it leave scars? You should carefully research the method and go directly to the doctor to find the most suitable treatment.

Care after partial facelift

To achieve efficiencyface lift best or want to knowHow long does it take for partial skin tightening to heal?You should follow your post-operative care regimenpartial facelift as prescribed by your doctor as follows:

  • Take medication as prescribed by your surgeon.
  • Clean the wound and change the bandage carefully in the first days after surgeryface lift.
  • Do not collide strongly with the wound, minimize water getting into the wound because infection can easily occur.
  • Avoid eating foods that leave scars such as spinach, seafood, beef, chicken, sticky rice, etc.
  • Stop using beauty treatments or skin care medications or vitamins immediately after surgery.
  • Re-examine and remove sutures as directed by your doctor.

Where is a good place for face lift?

A big concern of women is not knowingWhere is a good partial skin tightening, where is a good partial skin tightening, how much does a partial skin tightening cost?

Proud to be one of the leading prestigious cosmetic centers in Ho Chi Minh City, not only applying the most advanced and modern facelift technology, Dr. Long Plastic Surgery Center is also equipped with a system of equipment. , modern technology, 100% of the medical team has high professional qualifications, along with Dr. Vuong Khanh Long – Director of the Beauty Salon who has twice been honored with the Golden Hand award in surgery. Cosmetic surgery 2006, 2013 has conquered the trust and satisfaction of more than 10,000 domestic and foreign customers, including the most difficult surgeries.

Plastic Surgery Surgery Doctor Long There are many diverse cosmetic surgery services available such as: facelift with thread, facelift with gold thread, facelift with collagen thread, double eyelid surgery, eyelid surgery, sline nose lift, endoscopic breast lift…

Partial face lift Dr. Longis a method of skin rejuvenation and beauty improvement that many women over 30 years old have chosen and used. For more detailed advice and support about the servicepartial skin tightening doctor longAs well as measures, costs and implementation procedures, you should come directlyPlastic Surgery Surgery Doctor Long or visit Fanpage to get help from experts.

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