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Full face lift – Regain full youth

A full cosmetic facelift is the secret to rejuvenating the skin very quickly, effectively and safely. Depending on each specific case, different techniques will be applied and have different advantages and disadvantages.
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Over time, signs of aging unintentionally take away the beauty and youth of women: wrinkles will appear more and more on the face, crow’s feet around the eyes, under the eyes or on the forehead.Full face lift Aesthetics is the secret to helping rejuvenate the skin very quickly, effectively and safely.


What is a full facelift?

Is one of the waysstretch the skin Rejuvenate skin and regain youth effectively, full facelift. Natural face lift Currently, there are many different techniques and implementation methods such as:Endoscopic skin tightening, 24k skin tightening, Facelift with biological thread, facelift with collagen thread … Depending on each specific case, different techniques will be applied and have different advantages and disadvantages. So the methods What is a facelift?(See more: Partial facelift)

Current facelift methods

Surgical facelift: Here is the methodstretch the skin Doctors dissected the skin, skillfully stretched the sagging skin, removed excess skin and sewed it up with cosmetic sutures. With new and modern techniques, a full facelift minimizes excision and invasion, the incision will be hidden behind the ear and below the hairline. Therefore, methodtighten sagging facial skin This is quite popular nowadays. (See more: Surgical facelift)

Non-surgical facelift:is a modern skin tightening technique that helpsremove wrinkles effective without having to undergo any surgery or dissection. There are several methods availableskin tightening without surgery like:face lift with thread,filler injection, autologous fat injection. (See more: Non-surgical facelift)

Advantages of full facelift methods

Cosmetic techniquesstretch the skinin which methodnon-surgical facelift, surgical facelift, partial facelift… is a great solution to help regain lost youth with many basic effects such as:

  • Eliminates wrinkles and deep crow’s feet on facial skin.
  • Removal of excess fat and sagging skin on the face (surgical skin tightening).
  • Brings back facial skin tightening and vitality.
  • No pain, no scars.
  • Does not affect nerves or facial expressions after treatmentbeautiful face lift.
  • Long maintenance time.

Current cost of full facelift

Skin tightening is one of the optimal cosmetic surgery services that helps radically improve aging, bringing youthfulness and freshness to the face. However, now costsHow much does a face lift cost? How much does a face lift cost?always receive the attention of every customer. Depending on the specific location, procedure, surgeon, facilities and addressWhere is the best place to get a face lift? There will be price fluctuations and differences.

To get the most accurate number about the service How much does a facelift cost?, you should go to a specific cosmetic surgery location or choose carefullyWhere is a good place to tighten skin with thread?

In addition, you should also check prices at many different centers and learn about discount promotions to get the best price.stretch the skin the best.

Care regimen after facelift

Afterstretch the skin, you need to take painkillers, antibiotics… as prescribed by the surgeon.

You should apply ice to help reduce swelling and help blood vessels circulate better.

After skin tightening, you should avoid moving your mouth muscles too much and should not eat hard foods to avoid pulling facial muscles and deforming your face.

It is necessary to limit and not eat foods that negatively affect scars and easily cause pus and keloid scars such as seafood, beef, chicken, spinach, peanuts…

Prioritize drinking lots of water, eating lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits or drinking lots of juice to strengthen the body’s resistance.

Wash your face gently and stroke in an upward direction to prevent sagging facial skin.

No makeup afterstretch the skin face for at least 1 to 2 months, limit exposure to sunlight and dust when going out.

To master the knowledge of methodsface lift and the specific care of each technique, you can directly contact Dr. Long Beauty Salon – the leading facelift address in Ho Chi Minh City for direct advice and guidance.

Full facelift procedure at PKCK PTTM Dr. Long

Step 1: Consulting and examination

Team of experts and doctors atCosmetic doctor Long will examine to determine the level of sagging and skin aging for each person, advise and prescribe methods stretch the skinsuitable face.

Step 2: General health check

After choosing the methodface lift Specifically, customers will be fully examined with tests to assess their current health status to prevent complications during and after surgery.

Step 3: Anesthesia

After measuring and drawing, the customer will be taken to a sterile operating room equipped with fully modern machinery. Anesthesia before surgery.

Step 6: Surgeryface lift

Dr. Long and the surgical team will make an incision in the skin hidden in the hairline, running along the temple line down to the ear lobe (depending on each method).full faceliftor partial skin tightening where doctors will have different incisions).

Perform the technique of peeling the skin from the subcutaneous tissue layer while removing fat tissue and excess skin, stretching the skin and removing wrinkles on the face. Finally, the wound is skillfully sutured with cosmetic sutures.

Step 7: Cleaning and instructions after surgery

After completing surgeryface lift, the client will stay at the hospital for 1 day for nurses to monitor and care for. The doctor will prescribe medication and instructions on hygiene and care after discharge. Follow-up examination and stitch removal after 7-10 days of surgery.

In addition to popular skin tightening methods such as: surgical facelift, faceliftfacial skin with nano gold thread, facelift with collagen thread, Plastic Surgery Surgery Dr. Long has also been successful in many other diverse cosmetic services such as:endoscopic breast augmentation, sline rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery, double eyelid surgery, vline chin implant…Trusted by more than 10,000 customers and using beauty services here over the past 10 years.

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