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Facelift without surgery – The most advanced rejuvenation technique

A simple non-surgical skin tightening is a method that helps improve wrinkled and sagging skin, helps remove wrinkles and restore youthfulness like when you were in your twenties without the need for surgery or incisions using advanced methods. most advanced today.
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Today, with the outstanding development of the field of cosmetic surgery, especially the methodsskin rejuvenation skin is very suitable for middle-aged people or older women.

What is a non-surgical facelift?

Non-surgical skin tightening This is a simple method to help improve wrinkled and sagging skinremove wrinkles and restore your youth like when you were in your twenties without having to cut or cause any damage. Currently, there are several waysface lift without surgery commonly applied today. So the methodsWhat is a facelift?(See more: Surgical facelift)


Non-surgical facelift methods

There are many choices for everyone whenever there is a neednon-surgical facelift such as: boxtox injection, autologous fat injection, facelift with nano gold thread, facelift with collagen thread… However, the most popular and used methods are 2 methods.natural face lift or:

Skin tightening with nano gold thread: This is a method that uses ultra-thin biological threads, made from 24k nano gold particles.face lift with gold thread will be implanted inside the facial skin at the position that needs to remove wrinkles. These gold fibers have the effect of supporting and restructuring the skin by stimulating the production of new collagen,skin tightening with gold thread Helps compensate for lost collagen, helping to regenerate and rejuvenate skin completely naturally.

Face tightening with collagen thread: Just like facelift with gold thread,stretch the skin with thread Collagen will use specialized needles to thread collagen threads under the skin, forming a collagen mesh system below to help support and stretch the facial skin.

Advantages of non-surgical facelift method

Although there is no surgical interventionstretch the skin, But Is a non-surgical face lift painful, is a non-surgical face lift safe, does a non-surgical face lift leave scars, how long does it take for a non-surgical face lift to heal?is always a question that many customers want to know and understand before performing cosmetic surgery. (See more: Partial facelift)

According to experienced plastic surgery experts,stretch the skin Non-surgical cosmetic method is trusted and chosen by thousands of customers to remove wrinkles thanks to its outstanding advantages such as:

+ No pain, no scars: Non-surgical facelift without the intervention of surgery or threadsstretch the skin Doctors will skillfully insert it under the skin to help lift sagging skin and gently tighten sagging skin so it does not cause any pain or discomfort. On the other hand, because there are no incisions and no damage to the facial skin, there are absolutely no scars left after the procedureface lift.

+ Safe and friendly to the human body: Because this is the methodnon-surgical facelift so it is absolutely safe and does not cause complications such as swelling, infection… Specialized thread has been tested and certified for safety and friendliness to the human body.

+ Improve and beautify skin: Due to the use of biological threads that have special adhesion points to the skin, when performedstretch the skin So in addition to creating a support frame to fix the connection points, preventing the skin from sagging, the threads also stimulate skin growth, promote blood circulation and produce collagen to help firm and smooth skin. , rejuvenates skin from deep within.

+ Long-term stable effect: Non-surgical facelift has the most outstanding advantage of being a quick recovery time, providing long-lasting rejuvenation effects of 5-7 years.

Prestigious facelift address today

AlthoughNon-surgical skin tightening methodis done quite simply, gently, quickly and safely, but according to medical experts and the experience of many people, you need to find out ifWhere is a good place to have a face lift with thread, where is a good place to have a face lift without surgery?Because this is a method that affects the skin structure and nerves, it requires the practitioner to be highly skilled and experienced.

One ofreputable facelift address, inPlastic Surgery Surgery Doctor Long, servicestretch the skinNon-surgical face with threads always ensures quality and service results for customers. When Non-surgical facelift Dr. Long, customers will bestretch the skin Directly by Dr. Vuong Khanh Long – Golden hands in cosmetic surgery 2006, 2013 with a professional surgical team.Non-surgical facelift Dr. Long It also helps customers save time and bring the skin tightening and wrinkle removal results as expected. On the other hand, when proceedingNon-surgical facelift Dr. Long,You won’t need to worry too much How much does a face lift without surgery cost?Because all cosmetic services here have extremely reasonable costs and prices with monthly incentives and promotions.

Outsideskin tightening service, Dr. Long also has many other diverse cosmetic services such as:surgical facelift, sline rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery, eyelid surgery, vline chin augmentation... to bring customers more perfect and balanced beauty.

For free examination and consultation about servicesFace lift without surgery o pain, where is a good place to get a face lift without surgery?, please contact Hotline: 0908.493.008 or go directly to Dr. Long’s Plastic Surgery Center for more details.

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