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Make your dimples more beautiful and charming

Creates dimples effectively, safely, and long term. Create natural charming beauty for every customer when performing this service
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Dimpled Small and pretty charm is the special attraction that creates a genuine sweet smile. That’s why more and more women secretly want to have attractive dimples. From there, the methodcreate dimples was born to turn women’s dreams into reality. After just 30 minutes, you will immediately own the naturally beautiful dimples you expected.


Make your dimples more beautiful and charming

What is dimple creation?

Create dimples is a method with the combination of skin and muscle, performed with cosmetic threads with only a small stitch. At this time, when you smile or speak, your facial muscles will contract and pull your skin inward, creating charming dimples when communicating with people around you, creating attraction.

Dimple creation is performed using modern techniques, highly skilled doctors with many years of expertise in the industry, ensuring safety and bringing great results to all customers when coming to Dr. Long’s Plastic Surgery Clinic.

After 30 minutes, you will immediately have beautiful, small dimples in harmony with your face. Because this is a minor surgery method, during the procedure it will not cause pain or discomfort to the customer. The operation is simple and does not take much time, and the effect is stable and long-lasting.

What does dimples mean in physiognomy?

According to the concept of physiognomy: Dimples can predict the future and partly reveal the personality of their owner.

Most people with dimples, whether male or female, are always loved by many people. Specifically, guys with dimples often win the hearts of many women because they have a cheerful, sociable personality and are full of energy. If you are a girl, you will be noticed by many guys because of your beautiful, radiant smile thanks to your dimples, your gentle, charming personality, extremely friendly and endearing.

In addition, people who own dimples have an open path to fortune, a rich and prosperous life, advantages at work, and good luck in life.

Besides, there are only some people who only have dimples on one side (left or right).

– Dimple on the left cheek: As a woman, she is extremely well-spoken and loyal. As for men, they are destined to be flirtatious and easily change their hearts.

– On the contrary, if there is a dimple on the right cheek: As a woman, she is modest and polite and is loved by many people. As for men, he has an honest personality, no matter what, and always cares about helping people.

Dimpled brings many good things to the owner, so many people want to have this special highlight. And they did not hesitate to seek cosmetic surgery to create dimples to change their destiny.

Advantages of the dimple creation method

Creating dimples is a method that brings great advantages, so more and more women are doing it because:

  • Procedure time is quick: after surgery you can go home immediately
  • Doesn’t take much time to rest
  • Painless, non-invasive, does not affect health
  • Does not leave scars and heals quickly
  • Creating natural dimples: The doctor will rely on your overall face to create the appropriate depth for beautiful, realistic dimples.
  • Long-term stable effect

Who can create dimples?

  • Customers 18 years of age or older
  • Want to have dimples
  • People who have tried to create dimples before but were unsuccessful


Procedure for creating dimples

Quy trình thực hiện tạo má lúm đồng tiền

Steps to perform the method of creating dimples


Step 1: Examination and consultation

Customers will be directly examined and consulted by a doctor

Step 2: Determine the position to create the dimples

The doctor will determine the position to create dimples so that it is harmonious and suitable for each person’s face.

Step 3: Perform anesthesia

The doctor administers anesthesia so that the customer feels comfortable and painless during the dimple creation process.

Step 4: Perform dimple creation

The doctor creates dimples, connecting the muscles and skin together at the determined location to form a beautiful dimple.

Cost of performing the dimple creation method?

Cost is an essential factor that many customers are concerned about when wanting to have dimples created. Below is the reference price list of the above method at Dr. Long’s PKCK PTTM:


service name Price
Create dimples From 8 million – 10 million (one side)
Notes after the process of creating dimples

After performing the dimple creation method, customers need to note the following to quickly bring a more perfect result than expected.

  • Take full medication as prescribed by your doctor
  • For the first 2-3 days, apply a cold compress to reduce swelling
  • During the first time after the procedure, avoid strong impact on the cheek area
  • You should eat soft, liquid foods such as (soup, porridge, smoothies,…)
  • Do not drink alcohol, beer, or stimulants
  • Regularly hydrate with diluted salt water for oral hygiene
  • Re-examination on schedule

Customer image after dimple creation at Dr. Long

Khách hàng trước và sau khi thực hiện tạo má lúm đồng tiền
Customers before and after dimple creation

Treatment images


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