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Current methods to reduce belly fat quickly

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As a secret to reducing belly fat that many women share with each other to lose weight and stay in shape, people often massage their belly with ginger wine and turmeric, apply hot salt compresses, apply mugwort compresses… These are extremely effective and healthy beauty methods.


Current methods to reduce belly fat quickly

  1. Ginger and turmeric wine

Massage method using ginger wine and turmeric is the most popular way to reduce belly fat for women.

Preparation: 1 5 liter glass jar, 1kg ginger, 1kg turmeric, 3 – 4 liters of white wine.

How to make: Wash ginger and turmeric, peel, crush. Then, put ginger and turmeric in a glass jar, then pour in white wine until it is covered. Close the lid and place in a cool place. After 2 months, the ginger and turmeric wine will have a bright turmeric yellow color. At this time, you can take it out to massage your belly with this solution as a natural essential oil to reduce belly fat .

  1. Hot salt

How to do: You can refer to the method of reducing belly fat by taking hot roasted salt, then put the slightly warm salt in a towel and apply it to the abdomen. Doing it every day will bring quick results.

  1. Moxibustion

In addition to hot salt compresses, ginger and turmeric wine massage, mugwort compresses are also ways to reduce belly fat chosen by many women.

Preparation: Mugwort (about 5-6 large handfuls each time), cotton towels (2-3 pieces), 2 bricks, 1 honeycomb charcoal stove, 1 strip of rough cloth.

How to do: Wash the mugwort thoroughly, place the brick on the charcoal stove and heat it up. Fold the towel into 2 layers and spread the towel over your belly. Next, place the mugwort on top, place the hot brick on top and then place another towel on top (If it feels too hot, you can add more mugwort leaves or spread another layer of towel underneath). Wait until the brick is less hot, then replace the hot brick (Do this continuously for 1 hour). After applying, wrap the rough cloth tightly around your belly, you can also use an external belly wrap to secure it.

In addition to the above method, you can do another simpler method as follows: Roast the mugwort until golden brown and mix it with a little salt, then put it all in a cloth bag or soft cotton towel and apply it to your abdomen while it is still hot. Do this for about 20-30 minutes and 1-2 times a day for quick results!


Endoscopic liposuction, tummy tuck 

To make the above methods of reducing belly fat effective, women can combine them with exercises specifically for the abdominal area to help reduce belly fat quickly and regain a slim waist quickly. If you want to reduce belly fat faster and more safely, you can also use endoscopic liposuction and cosmetic abdominal skin tightening.


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